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Spot the baby penguin! 🐧💕

Stop 7 - a misty afternoon amongst penguins at Danco Island. Husband was penguined out by this point, but me? Never! #jorpinsantarctica #dancoisland

👋🏼 Bye bye amazing iceberg! See you later (well, probably not...) #jorpinsantarctica #wilhelminabay

That stunning iceberg in Wilhelmina Bay 💙 #jorpinsantarctica #wilhelminabay

Beautiful iceberg in Wilhelmina Bay. We did a zodiac tour around the bay, it was stunning! And later spotted some whales from the deck 💙 #jorpinsantarctica #wilhelminabay

At stop 6, Wilhelmina Bay. An army of zodiacs waiting in the misty morning light. #jorpinsantarctica #zodiacboat

A day working from home means more time to post #antacticaspam! (We're only half way through the trip people, and I haven't even started on the videos ...). Just look at these very busy and important gentoo penguins at brown bluff! Places to go, fish to see... #🐧 #jorpinsantarctica

It's my birthday and I'll post #antarcticaspam if I want to... #birthdaypenguins

Ready for some more penguins? These are my favs, Adélie penguins, hanging out on an iceberg just off Brown Bluff. Beautiful blue ice glacier in the background (FYI the bluer the ice the older it is, means it's more compressed and most of the air bubbles have been pushed out). #antarcticaspam #jorpinsantarctica

Another one from Telefon Bay. That's our boat, Le Boréal, at anchor in the distance. #jorpinsantarctica #leboréal

Stop 3 - walking along a crater at Telefon Bay, Deception Island. Those little red dots are people, just to give you some scale... #jorpinsantarctica #volcaniclandscape

Last one from Whalers Bay. Enormous Gehry-esque fuel silos. #jorpinsantarctica #whalersbay