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Ewa  63kg Powerlifter GPT | JTS | RP | Trifecta Smith 🎓

These count as all paused, right? 😂 that damn 5th rep. #building @teamgpt

Today was a “just get through it” day. At the end of it though, I felt accomplished. These next 4 weeks will be challenging but I am so ready for the journey. #strength #power squat @juggernauttraining @juggernautcoaching

Just a little #tbt 😏😏 @juggernauttraining

Did someone say Friday eve? #readyfortheweekend @tessabellax3 📸

315# x6 😰😰😰 block city b****

Deload comes to an end with 285# for a single. When will I be seeing 300+ again?? Hmmmm sooner than we think! #powerlifting #strength @juggernauttraining @chadwesleysmith

#tf when your coach actually watches your Instagram videos @teamgpt 🙄
I talked to you guys about not pausing during bench. Well, now it appears that’s all I’m going to do haha
Ascending 5s starting at 105# ALL PAUSED.
#strength #benchpress #powerlifting #juggernaut #teamgpt

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Deload got me like ...
@juggernauttraining @juggernautcoaching

Sooo we don’t believe in pauses until we compete, right?
Wrong. I should 100% be pausing AT LEAST the first rep here. Pausing is beneficial for not only building the control for the lift but also for establishing your norm in what’s to be expected as a competitor. Clearly, I was too nervous to pause the first rep. Also something I need to overcome.
When has fear stood in your way of making progress?
#strength #compete #bench #juggernaut #teamgpt

Missing Cancun and @leacarmella right about now. So much going on lately and I’m just focusing on staying grounded. Pray for me y’all! #focused

Deadlifts, then, more deadlifts! I was discussing today how it gets tough wanting to train because the high that I got from Lifting, hitting a number on S,B,D that I have NEVER done before, it’s not there right now. I’m working towards numbers that I’ve hit before in HOPES of surpassing them again in the future. A lot of people would give up at this point. I’m here to say: DONT. keep going. With hard work and patience, it will happen again. It’s hard to believe right now, but as you work towards it, your goals will be realized. Every small short term achievement leads to even greater success. #keepatit #athlete #powerlifting #strength #juggernaut #teamgpt @juggernauttraining @teamgpt @rpstrength @trifectasystem

Super proud moment of 281 (127.5kg) x6! @chadwesleysmith has been challenging me with the volume and I have been scared and avoiding this weight and today I said - stop. You got this. What’s the worst that can happen? You have spotters. You have strength. You’re alright. No more fear. Building trust with my coaches and in myself. So happy today. #strength #juggernaut #bestself #teamgpt #squat

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