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Eric Janicki 🌎 Fitness Coach 🌍  🇺🇸 25 ◾️ Personal trainer ◾️ 6'1" 250 lbs 💻Ejanickifitness@gmail.com ◾️WBFF Pro Muscle Model

This was about a month before my show last year. Can’t wait to unveil my back improvements for @wbff_official worlds in Vegas in August
Don’t mind my creeper face right in the camera 🙌🤦‍♂️😳

Check out this lit edit by @deanbarlage after we killed arms together 😎

#tbt — I want to be at this conditioning 6 weeks out this year. I’m leveling up ⬆️⬆️⬆️ working with my coach @jakeburton.official to see what we can do

Hit the arm blaster with @lifeofbpat, and man did it mess me up 😵🤕😎

New cable fly variation I’ve been liking. Using the bench to lean on, you can get much better leverage on the fly. Comment if you like it!

Added the bands to give a different feel to my leg press variations. The heavy bands provide greater tension at the top of the rep, and less at the bottom where your lower back is more likely to take over. Try it out!

Found this picture in the archives. One of my all time favorite shots by the amazing @pat_lee 😎

The longest shorts you’ll ever catch me in 🤣😂 @bpi_sports

Vacation chest workout in the books ✅. Tried out the stretch @argylegrant trunks for my workout. So awesome 🙌🙌

Another gnarly tricep variant coming to ya. Use the cable cross and a bar for this one. Keep the bar as close to the body as possible on the positive and negative, putting maximal tension on the long head of your triceps. Straighten the arms at the bottom of the rep, squeeze the triceps, and hold for a 3-4 count. I superset the hold reps with an outward variation for a different feel an extra challenge 👍😈 🎥 @tkfitnessla 🎥

Fat and happy 😊😁😆 Relaxing at White Stallion ranch in AZ. Rocking my new @argylegrant trunks by my best bud, @ryankeithmorgan. The board shorts are awesome for me bc they have 4 way stretch so my a$$ doesn’t explode out of them 🤣 check them out!! They’re amazing ‼️get 30% off with code EricSummer‼️

Probably one of the most brutal quad centric exercises I’ve ever done. If your gym has a sissy squat machine, definitely utilize it. In the videos, I show 2 different weighted variations but after trying both, I prefer the barbell option. Trust the machine to hold you up and sit deep into the rep. Additionally, do not stand up completely at the top of the rep to keep tension on the quads.

This workout was fueled by the brand new ONE MORE REP preworkout by @bpi_sports to be released later this month!

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