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Eric Jackson 


When you meet the #gearbro who thinks he's backcountry camping... Check out @spyoptic #brosyouknow videos and you could even win some shades and let's be honest, summer is here and everyone loves a fresh pair of shades! 🍻

This woman, is the woman of my dreams. She is driven and motivated, she's creative and funny, she's absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. She puts up with me being gone all winter and still lets me go fishing in the fall. She truly is amazing! Thank you for marrying me, my beautiful Whitney. I love you so very much! #1yearanniversary

" There's a lake of stew and of whiskey too, you can paddle all around em in a big canoe, in the big rock candy mountains" Watch story for full tune 🍻 @goldtoneinc

Wow! Awesome painting by @samarina_nika Thank you for your creativity πŸ™Œ #mountaineyes

@johnjamun and I looking over a vast glacier trying to see if there was a safe route to cross. After some heavy debate we ultimately decided that we weren't properly prepared to do such a heavy crossing and stayed off the ice. As hard as that was to say no, it was the right call. #thebookofjohnj πŸ“· @sully_land

A fish I won't soon forget on a river with so much to learn. Thank you πŸ™πŸ» #tb @winstonrods @rioproducts @farlexreels @spyoptic @watermaster1 @spacecraftcollective @theflyfishjournal


"Wanna go explore that pillow field? I'm so down!" 🍻 -@themanboys

Non stop comedy shooting the #brosyouknow campaign with @spyoptic check #linkinbio for the full edit! 🍻

@johnjamun and I about to sample the fruits of our labor. Thank you to @justinbefu and everyone @alaskasnowboardguides for sharing the goods and keeping us safe! πŸ“· @sully_land 🍻🍻🍻 @libtechnologies

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