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Everton Dias  "I'll stay awake, 'Cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight" |-/ #GameOfThrones #PokemonGO #Shakira #StrangerThings #Paladins #TwentyOnePilots

"Now I found my feet, count to 1, 2, 3
And I’m taking off tonight, now I’m free
As I walk my feet on the cold concrete
I can feel my dreams when I’m in my city"

"Days when
We'd fight 'til I would give in
Perfect disasters
We were reaching for the rafters
And on most of the days we were searching for ways
To get up and get out of the town we were raised
'Cause we were done"
#27Jan2018 #Jumanji

"I don't wanna be the one
Be the one to have the sun's blood on my hands
I'll tell the moon
Take this weapon, forged in darkness
Some see a pen, I see harpoon"

Assistente de Detetive promovido FT. Professor de Química em universidade. Sobrevivemos!!!!
#06Jan2018 #callofcthulhurpg

"I found my way
Right time wrong place
As I pled my case"

"If we stomp our feet, the ground will shake
If we clap our hands, the walls will break
Yell so loud, won't forget our names
'Cause something big is happening"
#11Nov2017 #ThorRagnarok

"Welcome to the room of people
Who have rooms of people that they loved one day
Docked away
Just because we check the guns at the door
Doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades"

"Don't wanna lose me
Don't wanna lose you
If It gets harder
Then I Don't wanna break all alone"
#21Mai17 #GuardioesEhDoK7

Fim de mais um dia épico! Que venha o terceiro!!
#CCXPTour #ComicCon #14Abr17 #Omelete

A melhor foto da minha vida!!!!! São anos de gorfo e felicidade. Estou incrivelmente realizado. #Alanzoka #CCXPTour #13Abr17 #Twitch #EDGE #ElectronicDesireGE #Omelete

"Tu te tornas eternamente responsável por aquilo que cativas"
As mais lindas de todas as rosas, minhas rosas miraculosas.

"Não me importa se ele é um bastardo. O Sangue de Ned Stark corre em suas veias" - Mormont, Lyanna
#CCXP #InvasãoCCXPTour #26Mar17

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