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Eiswelt Gelato  📍9605 Bolsa Ave. Westminster, CA 92683 Founders of animal shaped gelato! 🐻🐷🐶 #EisweltGelato #Eiswelt

🚨NEW ITEM ALERT🚨 You don't miss out on our extra cute Giraffe Waffles!😍 How can you go wrong with waffles and gelato?! #eisweltgelato

Piggies and an adorable bunny! The whole gang is here!😍#eisweltgelato

Thursdays only get better when you have five piggies keeping you company!😍 #eisweltgelato

Did you know that unicorns are best served with a chick and some gelato!😍

Happy Monday! The only thing that'll make Mondays better are extra cute gelato characters! Obviously😊 #eisweltgelato

Gelato is great but have you ever had ten scoops of gelato? Its time to pig out🍦🐷 #eisweltgelato

Homemade gelato, we all know that chicks dig gelato😏🐥 #eisweltgelato

Unicorns and chicks, only the most magical things happen at @eisweltgelato!🦄🐥 #eisweltgelato

The heat may be un-bear-able but that just means you can pig out on gelato😍 #eisweltgelato

Chocolate drizzled gelato, the only thing you will need on a hot Friday😋 #eisweltgelato

The heat is only bear-able when you have a friend to enjoy some adorable gelato!😍 #eisweltgelato

Happy Hump Day! Gelato is on the menu for this evening! Characters or cones, we've got you covered!

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