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a few clips from back day🦅 i had to pace a 5km run this morning for my program and so my energy was a little low by the evening but i still got my ass up off the ground and to the gym, where is my gold star??

ayyyyy what up fitfam i am FINALLY back at the gym after a week hiatus because my doc tried to kill me
i had to run a mile and a half this morning for my program and came to my second home this evening and did some heavy rack pulls to get back into the swing of things, aka showing @shelbymorgantilley how to crump w 10lb dumbbells💃
smell ya later💩

hit a PR today at 95lbs🙌🏻
don't get me wrong, i was struggling but i fuckin did it
just got to work up to doing a full set, but in due time.
it also doesn't help being back on medication that has loss of appetite as a side effect/being too broke to buy food and i haven't been fuelling my body properly for over a week, but that's just another obstacle i will conquer soon enough

thankful for my pal @shelbymorgantilley and the ruckus we bring every time we walk into those gd gym doors
i haven't been super active on here because i suck at getting content and also have been super busy training for my policing program👮‍♀️
i've worked my ass off to get where i am right now, but i know this is only the beginning and i have a LOT more progress to make.
we had a successful leg day yesterday, which also meant i was in no shape to workout this morning😅
with that being said, i'm making today a VERY active rest day and will be back to kicking ass tomorrow🙌🏻

deadlifts are even more deadly when you have longer legs than a baby giraffe
give me the gainzzz

reppin @speakercrew while i grow them booty gains🍑😏

my fridge is so empty right now so i haven't been feeling that inspired to cook. today's dinner was a collection of pantry and freezer finds, but it was still delish!
hope everyone is having a wonderful monday🤗

➡️SWIPE FOR TRANSFORMATION➡️ same bathing suit and same smile just over a year later.
as cheesy as it sounds, there is no better feeling than actually taking care of your body and feeling more confident in yourself because of the changes you've made to be a better and happier person.
i am still changing, i am still growing; both mentally and physically, but i can't wait for what else this journey has in store for me🌱✨

surprisingly successful leg day after less than 4 hours of sleep 😴 (i can't wait to have a nap)
hopefully i survive the rest of the day too🤔

i think i finally found a way that i like tofu scramble💃
lots of protein after leg day, complete with yves veggie sausage links😛

i've really been slacking on content lately😅 but today's arm pump was exactly what i needed, filled with lots of dropsets and lots of giggles thanks to @shelbymorgantilley 👯

double butter bean curry from yesterday's lunch😛 i only work in kitchens for all the food i get to eat tbh

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