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two years well spent 🥰

just trynna live this life forever

act casual 💆🏻‍♀️
(p.s. these are literally straight off the camera...Brent is that amazing!!)

look at all that falling water!!!! (and me inside a tree, naturally)


cool cool

i never know what to caption pictures like this. so hi!


<3 @efbrown <3

pics by @brentluciano as per usual!!!

The cut under my eyebrow makes me feel tough 😤🐌

okay but doesn’t the second picture make you feel like you went outside after a sun shower?? (It also makes me feel kinda minty)
ALSO, huge shoutout to Brent for these awesome pictures. I’m so proud of you

My Instagram was slacking in the Brent department so here’s me annoying him with cameras <3

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