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Ernst Hendrik Sprenger  skier | mountaineer | expedition leader reduce, reuse, repair, recycle 📍The Netherlands 📩

Mid run breather. 📷: @johnthornton_photography

Safety first! 📷: @johnthornton_photography

Painting the canvas. 📷: @johnthornton_photography

On the road again. 📷: @johnthornton_photography

En route to paradise. 📷: @johnthornton_photography

The joy I find in the mountains is incredible! 📷: @johnthornton_photography

When working your way up high and remote mountains a break sometimes is so nice.
This is @antonthorin and me, chilling, laughing and taking a rest on one of our ascents in Kyrgyzstan last month.

A couloir tighter than our ski’s, that’s how we made our first ski descent down the NW side of Pik of Destiny to continue our way of summiting three virgin peaks in a single day.

Setting out with a spectacular team to Kyrgyzstan🇰🇬 was a success on its own already. We went out to look for the bonus and came back with the absolute jackpot.

In total we climbed 14 summits, of which were 10 first ascents and all of them were first ski descents. Bringing ski’s to an area like this allowed us to pursue peaks others didn’t consider climbing before.

Everyone was able to push themselves physically and mentally to new levels and as a team we reached places people had not been before. With great joy we found and skied some very exposed lines.

Also the time off the mountain in basecamp was very enjoyable. Obviously we had many laughs and probably drank too much vodka to warm up every night.

Many thanks to the excellent crew for the trust in me to join on this expedition and showing their best sides. @jobrobski @chrlshrnbrgr @antonthorin 📷: @johnthornton_photography @lmroseng @jonathanbanjo @_leo.jpg @sarahhannibal84
Also many thanks to our basecamp team (Alex, Alex and Alex) making sure we got were we wanted to build camp and kept us fed throughout the entire trip.

Thanks to ITMC (Vladimir and Lilia) for helping me organize the expedition and taking care of the paperwork in Kyrgyzstan.

Many thanks to my personal sponsors who have kept allowing me to push the limit for years with the best equipment on the market. @patagonia @blackcrows_skis @revo
And a ❤️ for H. ✌️Cheers, Ernst

Off to ski some very remote mountains here in Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬! Will check back in latest 6th of June. ✌️Ernst

Very happy to be returning to Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬 today and being reunited with some very special people. Heading out with a different plan, different goals. We are planning to climb a couple 4000-5000m peaks. In a very remote region, several have not been climbed before. Almost all of them have not been skied off!
We have taken the entire organization in our hands, carefully selected an extremely competent crew. Researched the area and got in touch with people who know this area or very close to it.
Very confident on the preparation! Now it just hoping the variables left open are on our side. A stable snowpack and some good weather days is what we need.
But one thing is for sure, we have already won. Everything else is just BONUS! 🤘

In about 5 weeks I will be going on another expedition to Kyrgyzstan. So today a throwback to last years expedition to Lenin Peak 7134m.
We got this picture after spending more or less 27 days at Camp1 with the excellent camp manager Artur, who did a great job feeding us and providing some good knowledge and intel about the mountains we were aiming to climb.

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