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EHPlabs AUS/NZ  Trying to find your closest EHPlabs retailer? Please click on the link below 👇🏼

👉WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DRINK BCAAs? The truth is that BCAAs can influence muscle growth in a variety of different pathways. While most amino acids are metabolized in the liver BCAAs are metabolized primarily by muscle. This makes BCAAs incredibly effective when taken around your workout.
💥Choose the best timing for your routine💥
1️⃣Pre-Workout: Fasted Training / Cardio
2️⃣Intra-Workout: Recovery, Hydration, Performance
3️⃣Post-Workout: Electrolytes, Muscle Protein Synthesis
#BeyondBCAA is scientifically formulated with the optimal proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, with added Coconut Water, Electrolytes, Vitamin C and the Full B Vitamin Spectrum.
Available from all leading supplement stores in Australia & New Zealand.

Health & fitness shouldn't be confined to the gym!
The right pre-workout supplementation can take your training to a new level. The combination of #RPMax and #PSI will;
1️⃣Increase your mental focus
2️⃣Boost your energy
3️⃣Enhance your PUMP!
👉🏼Available from all leading supplement stores in Australia & New Zealand.

👉What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Our driving force is our obsession with constant and never-ending improvement. Each day is an opportunity to overcome a new challenge and test our limits. Health and fitness is not merely a pursuit of physical change, but a holistic lifestyle approach.
Be empowered. Make today great.

Looking to get better Sleep? 😴
😴Sleep Better 🏋 Recover Faster 🔥Burn Fat
Available from all leading supplement stores in Australia & New Zealand.

#OxySleep is fat-burning, non-stimulant thermogenic that is scientifically formulated to promote DEEP SLEEP!
Now available from all leading supplements stores in Australia & New Zealand!

#OxyShred contains key potent antioxidant ingredients that work best when consumed on an empty stomach. #OxyShred will:
✅ Kick start your metabolism for the day!
✅ Metabolize stubborn fat cells in your body and convert them into energy!
✅ Curb sugar cravings!
✅ Added mood enhancers to help pick up your mood!
Available in SIX 100% natural flavours from ALL leading supplement stores in Australia & New Zealand.

The very best results take time & dedication. Celebrate your milestones, bounce back from your failures, but most importantly never give up!

Looking for that energy kick and focus during your workouts?
Want to push your work out to the limits and smash your fitness goals?
Watch the video below on the scientifically dosed #RPMax pre workout!
Available from your leading supplement store!

Your dreams have come true - burn fat whilst you sleep with #OxySleep!
😴Sleep Better 🏋 Recover Faster 🔥Burn Fat

💥QUALITY > QUANTITY: Rather than overloading with every possible ingredient, we focused on innovation and quality. RP Max and PSI pre-workout formulation provides the optimum dosages for maximum effect.
🔴RP MAX Pre-Workout🔴
🔑MAXIMUM endurance
🔑INCREASED performance
🔵PSI Pre-Workout🔵
🔑PROMOTES vasodilation
🔑NUTRIENT and oxygen delivery
🔑IMPROVE mental focus
Try our new pre-workouts, stack them together for maximum effects and feels! Available from all leading supplement stores in Australia & New Zealand.

The only thing standing between you and your goals is YOU!
The actions you perform each day will ultimately move you closer or further away from your goals. Choose wisely!
✔️Be accountable
✔️Be consistent
✔️Be empowered

1. Set long-term, intermediate, and short-term goals.
2. Keep records and evaluate progress.
3. Set goals that are difficult yet realistic.
4. Specific, Measurable and Positive goals.
5. Keep goals under your control.
6. Involve a support system.
Your good habits and routine will be your biggest asset towards your goals. To improve your workout intensity (burn more calories) and speed up your metabolism, we would suggest to try #OxyShred. Available from all leading supplements stores in Australia & New Zealand.

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