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EHPlabs AUS/NZ  Trying to find your closest EHPlabs retailer? Please click on the link below 👇🏼

Find time to enjoy yourself. ☀️
🙌 Small breaks will help your fitness journey. Spending some time outside the gym will allow your body to recover, your mind to reset and your hunger for success to return!

You are a reflection of your hard work.

📚BCAA’s are especially helpful for maintaining muscle mass while on a calorie-deficit diet. Although dieting down makes you look lean, shredded and you look ‘awesome’, it can also take a chunk out of your muscle mass.
‼️Dieting is catabolic, which means it can lead to muscle breakdown. The leaner a body gets, the more likely it is to lose muscle mass as the body tries harder and harder to hold onto body fat stores.
💪It's well established that BCAA’s stimulate protein synthesis. BCAA’s also help improve workout intensity, allowing you to work harder and longer.
Make the right choice, try #BeyondBCAA now!Available from your local supplement store in Australia & New Zealand.

TREAT YOURSELF! EHPlabs brings Christmas in July here in Aus with the limited edition #OxyWhey GINGERBREAD COOKIE!
😛 Tastes just like a delicious Gingerbread Cookie!
⚡️ 24 grams of lean protein per scoop
⭐️ Almost ZERO fats or carbs!
Available only for a limited time, get in quick before stocks run out!

REST, RECOVER and RELAX with #OxySleep 😴

Get a goodnight sleep before you start the week with this 3-in-1 deep sleep, natural GH release and non-stim fat-burner.
🌜 Improve the quality of your sleep
🌜 Assist you to burn fat
🌜 Increase your daily energy output.

Break your boundaries. Boost metabolism. Unleash your potential with #OxyShred - the perfect partner to your morning workout.

Don't let Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness hold you back!
Avoid DOMs by:
🔹Sipping #BeyondBCAA during your workout
🔹Performing active recovery
🔹Allowing for adequate rest between workouts
#BeyondBCAA is available from all leading retailers in Australia &a New Zealand.

🎁 24g of Lean protein per scoop!
🎁 5.4g of BCAA!
🎁 Almost Zero carbs and fats!
Available now while stock last.

HAPPY MONDAY!! 🔥Get your Week cranking with the benefits of the #OxyShred.
⬆️ Boost your energy levels
⬆️ Kickstart your metabolism
⬆️ Enhance your mood

🎊The FESTIVE season has come early!!🎊
🎄And to celebrate EHPLabs bringing Christmas in July
the limited edition OxyWhey Gingerbread Cookie Flavour is here!
🎁 24g of Lean protein per scoop!
🎁 5.4g of BCAA!
🎁 Almost Zero carbs and fats!
🎁 Taste like Gingerbread Cookie!

Available now while stocks last.

The biggest battle we face on our health and fitness journey is often the one in our heads.
Finding the right mental application and focusing on your goals plays a major role in achieving them.

Devote your energy on the immediate task at hand. Train harder, eat better, focus on making the right choices.

🎊The FESTIVE season has come early!!🎊
🎄 To celebrate EHPLabs bringing Christmas in July,
the limited edition Gingerbread Cookie OxyWhey Flavour is here!
🎁 24g of Lean protein per scoop!
🎁 5.4g of BCAA!
🎁 Almost Zero carbs and fats!
🎁 Taste like Gingerbread Cookie!
Available now in all leading supplement stores.

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