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TRAINING BACK TODAY? 💪 Your back is a large surface area with multiple muscle groups with varying degrees of movement.
Let’s take a look at one of the most efficient and effective back exercises out there.
➡ Adds additional mass and definition to you back.
➡ Great accessory exercise for bigger compound back movements.
➡ Increased grip strength

RP Max is a high-stim pre-workout that provides the optimal CNS and adrenal gland stimulation to trigger a positive energy release for a high impact workout ⚡️ -


Beyond BCAA keeping you hydrated coming into the warmer season!💦
✔ muscle recovery (2:1:1 BCAA)
✔ electrolytes (Coconut Water Extract)
✔ 100% natural flavours
😋Beyond BCAA comes in 6 delicious flavours! We've got you covered this summer☀

Sunday Funday! ❤️💙
Tag your training buddy👇🏼 and get down to the gym for your Sunday session 💪🏼

|| OxyWhey & Mint Oreo Ice Cream ||
Serves: 6
Preparation time: 2 hours and 30 min

1 cup mint ice cream powder
1 scoop OxyWhey Vanilla Ice Cream Lean Protein powder
1 cup milk
2 cups crushed Oreos
¾ cup melted butter
1 cup whipping cream (for topping)
¼ cup fudge sauce
1.In a large mixing bowl, combine ice cream powder, OxyWhey Vanilla Ice Cream lean protein powder, and one cup of milk. Beat well on high speed, for 2-3 minutes. Pour into a 9x4 inch plastic food container and freeze for 15 minutes.
2.Meanwhile, combine Oreos with melted butter and pour into another plastic food container. Pour the ice cream over Oreos and freeze for another 2 hours.
3.Remove from the freezer and top with more Oreos and whipping cream. Finish with fudge sauce

Cable Tricep Pushdowns with #TeamEHP Athlete @mikethurston❗️
Bookmark & try in your weekend session 🔖
Pro Tips:
▪️Take time to warmup your triceps and elbow joint.
▫️Push the weight down explosively, then concentrate on a slow, 1-2 second, negative.
▪️Change up the cable attachments and hand placement to manipulate muscle activation.
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•Sleep well •Recover faster •Burn fat
Get a good night sleep 😴 to see you through until the weekend with EHPlabs 3-in-1 deep sleep formula, #OxySleep.
Our non-stimulant formula will;
🌙Improve the quality of your sleep
🌚Assist you to burn fat
⭐️Increase your daily energy output
Available at all leading supplement stores across Australia and NZ.

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This month in all EHPlabs retailers, with every purchase of IsoPept Zero and Beyond BCAAs you get a FREE 2.2L EHPlabs jug 💙🙌🏼❤️
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▪️Your habits are driving your performance.
▪️Your rituals are creating your results.
#TeamEHP Athlete @zacperna’s post-workout ritual includes 1 scoop of #IsoPeptZero in a meal or shake. 🍫🥜
🔬Scientifically formulated as the most superior post-workout supplement on the market, IsoPept Zero combines Hydolised and Pure Whey Protein Isolate to create the ULTIMATE post-workout product 💪🏼
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Take stock🙏🏼
👉🏼Tomorrow it all starts again.
💬Comment - What do you want to achieve by the end of this week?

Make #OxyShred your best friend this summer! 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏼‍♂️
Like any true friend, OxyShred will help you;
🔥Burn stubborn fat cells
☝🏽Boost metabolism
🙅🏻‍♀️Limit calorie absorption
Just ask #TeamEHP Athlete @robbieframe, he and OxyShred go way back!

Workout Motivation - TIGHT & TONED! 💪🏼
If you're looking for tight and toned abs this beach season, try out this killer bench workout in your next session.🔥☀️
🤜🏼Aim to focus on your form and isolate the abs without engaging the hip flexors🤛🏼
10-12 reps // 3 sets of each.
TeamEHP Athlete @jordanke

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