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Elizabeth Hill  Lead Instructor Los Angeles & Master Instructor at Flywheel Sports, Psychotherapist, Cajun Angeleno, Lover of chocolate cake and loud music


Mondays...My “Oh yea, I’m a shrink” day. #feetup #nopedaling #mondays

RIP Dolores O’Riordan. You were one of the great voices of my teen angst. #ripdoloresoriordan #thecranberries

Guys! We are off to a killer start this year. Book your bikes and let’s keep going.
#flywheel #rocknhill #nevercoast 📷 @jenrosenstein #jenrosensteinphotography

And...my belated Xmas presents from my college friends and frequent roommates @phildantoni and #peterkloman. These people know me.

M’Gurl makes having to wake up at 5:15AM to teach a double @flywheelsports healthy and sweet. #lucky #takeyourvitamins @lestercoco

As a #NeverCoaster, I have no choice but to challenge myself DAILY. Since I was kid, I’ve had an overactive mind (to accompany my hyperactive body 😜). I consider my mind one of my biggest assets, but it can also be a scary place and my worst enemy. Know what I’m sayin’? It’s been a long journey and I’ve tried every trick in the book...shrinks, meds, healers, positive coping mechanisms and not-so-positive ones. All that stuff had its place and helped me get where I am today, but nothing quite does it like meditation. I fall off and on the meditation train (part of the process), but it’s always there to help calm my mind. In 2018, I say F*anxiety! There’s far too much good life to be livin’ to lose sleep, time and peace to an unfriendly mind. You with me?! #NeverCoast #TheFlyTeam #rocknhill @flywheelsports 📷 @lestercoco

No caption needed.

Loved catching up with my old tennis buddy @thechandarubin and her adorable baby girl Harper Grace! Lots of memories!

Skipping into 2018 like... Book your bikes! Let’s do it all over again. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU.
#flywheel #rocknhill #nevercoast 📷 @jdy_photography

Things I learned (or relearned) in 2017, in no particular order... 1. There is no need to accept unacceptable behavior. That doesn’t serve anyone.
2. Hydration is not to be underrated. In fact, it might be the key to not getting sick every 3 months.
3. I will put money on my partner, Leslie, as being the best there is. She’s definitely the best there is for me.
4. I can feel a part of a family even if that family is new.
5. It is possible to completely pay off a grad school student loan, even if it costs you $500 a month for 10 years (🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽). 6. Vulnerability is always the best route, even if your voice quivers.
7. There is a massive upside to knowing your own worth.
8. There ain’t nothing wrong with asking for what you need. You just might get it.
9. There are some amazing people in this world...I know it because I see many of them 3,4,5 times a week.
10. Community is everything.
11. I can’t always fix things for others, no matter how sincerely I want to.
12. We all need a circle of trust...those vault keepers.
13. There are certain relationships which take a different form than what you originally wanted. Now they’re even better.
14. Sometimes you just need a Domino’s thin crust pizza.
15. Even if you feel you NEED to do something, respond to someone, tie up a loose end...it doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.
16. Cognitive dissonance is a very real thing: People whom you love(d) and respect(ed) can actually continue to defend and support a very bad person who is the leader of the “free” world.
17. Trust your desire to reconnect with someone from your past...Perhaps there’s something to gain...for both of you.
18. Days off are crucial.
19. There’s always more great music to discover.
20. The desire to cultivate a true, new friendship is rare and exciting.
21. Women are the f* king bomb, especially black women who are our unsung heroes.
22. I can lay to rest my 4-legged, canine, constant companion of 15 years and still go on. I can cry my eyes out when I miss her and then carry on.And I can open my heart wide to 2 other crazy canines whom I love big and who make me sneeze daily.
23. 2018 is going to be GREAT. #rocknhill

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