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EHF Vancouver  Entrepreneurs in Health & Fitness is a Vancouver based group that focuses on supporting and helping grow local wellness businesses.


The next Entrepreneurs in Health & Fitness Vancouver event will be on Wednesday September 5, all about how to add influencer marketing as an additional revenue stream in your business!
More details to come 😉

THANK YOU to everybody who attended last night's event! Wasn't that amazing?! ✨

A big thank you to our Hosts @mvmt_lab for sharing their new beautiful space with us, and of course, to our speaker @chloescountertop for sharing her energy with us.
For those of you who attended last night, please be sure to drop your Instagram and websites below so we can all stay connected 👇

And don't forget to join EHF Vancouver Facebook group!
Sending you all lots of love and we can't wait for our next event in September!

Next event is TOMORROW!
Let's connect, support each other and exchange experiences.
Tomorrow, Wed 25th at 6.30pm at @mvmt_lab
The Spiritual Entrepreneur with @chloescountertop

Tickets and more info in the link in our bio!
See you there!

Next Event is THIS Wednesday!
Link in the bio with more info!

The Spiritual Entrepreneur by @chloescountertop
6.30pm at @mvmt_lab

See you there!

Regrann from our next speaker @chloescountertop
Surrender when your mind doesn’t want to.
Surrender when the world tells you not to.
Surrender when the evidence says otherwise.
Surrender when it seems that you’ve already lost.
Surrender when you think you’ve won.
Let go.
Pull the thread.
Drop in deeper.
Into truth.
Into joy.
Into the ecstasy of being alive.
Let the attachment to being serious drop away.
Let the desire to be right fall away.
Let the temptation to win disappear.
Forget your likes.
Forget your dislikes.
Leave who you think you are behind.
Let who they think you are be.
Breath in the breath of divine wisdom.
Open your eyes, and recognise the beauty in front of you.
You are here to feel joy.
You are here to feel love, in all of the unexpected moments.
Let yourself surrender.
Choose to surrender.
Take a breath in,
and let it go.
Let it leave your body.
Let your mind silence.
That feeling you feel?
It’s possible.
Peace and presence.
You are allowed to feel this.
You are worthy of this.
You are here for this.
Be in this moment.
Be with whatever this moment brings you.
Be with it.
Sit with it.
Hold it, and ask it what it is here for?
Let judgment and fear pass.
Just be with it.
You are loved.
I love you.
Thank you.
This one is dedicated to my #vibratelightmentorship ladies. You are absolutely amazing. Each of you.

Join us on July 25th at 6.30pm for an amazing event The Spiritual Entrepreneur led by @chloescountertop!
Its going to be an evening of connections, knowledge and, yes, spirituality.
More info in the link in the bio! Look forward to seeing you there!

Do you feel like you are listening to all the experts and not getting the results you are looking for?

As wellness entrepreneurs, we are very much aware that our emotional, mental and spiritual states reflect our business. But with the overwhelming amount of information out there we sometimes forget that our inner intelligence can be our best guidance system.

For that reason, we’ve invited Chloe Elgar of Chloe's Countertop to share how working with your intuition can transform your business and increase the joy and abundance it brings you.

You will learn:
✔How slowing down can speed up results in your business ✔How to connect to your intuition to bring more clarity into your business ✔How shifting your mindset can bring more abundance into your life ✔How to shut down the fear momentum

Chloe will lead us through short, interactive workshops, and she will also channel messages from spirit for the group. You might even get some individual guidance.
Chloe Elgar is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Holistic Nutritionist, Author & Speaker and the founder of Chloe‘s Countertop, a platform to support women and men around the world who are ready to step into their light and connect to their higher selves.

Chloe’s mission is to change our collective relationship to pain/discomfort by creating space for vulnerability, connection and truth, so that you can step into the work and energy that you are here to be in.

NEXT EVENT! 🎉🎉🎉 It’s been awhile since we’ve had an event...many of you have been asking when the next one is, and we’re excited to announce our next event, The Spiritual Entrepreneur with @Chloescounertop !😍 Join us on July 25 for an inspiring discussion with Chloe on how slowing down and listening to your intuition can help you create more impact in your business and your life.🙏 Chloe will share her experiences with us, lead us through interactive mini workshops so we can get more connected to our own Inner Voices, and she will even channel messages from Spirit for the group.

More info and tickets are in the link in our bio!
Photo credit @olisarig

Ready for this Saturday?

Start your Health Crawl 2.0 any time between 10am and 4pm (doors close at 5pm) and at any location.
We recommend picking a location you've never been to! 😉

Go to the website or click the link in the bio to learn more and get your tickets!

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