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Seeing one of our beloved passengers smile is one of the most rewarding experiences especially during the month of love and compassion. Thank you @mctboycfr for your trust in #EGYPTAIR, we are looking forward to seeing you onboard again soon.
#Repost "Happy Birthday to Me.. Shout out to EGYPTAIR flight MS879 they gave me an amazing Birthday Surprise.
I felt Special celebrating with the crew and at 10,972 meters up in the Sky. I Love EGYPTAIR, I am Happy!"
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Celebrate Valentine’s day with #EGYPTAIR ! Choose your destination, book your ticket and #travel with your beloved!

Want to pay in cash, no problem, book online and pay in cash by Fawry!
Place your booking on hold and pay using Fawry payment service within 24h.
احجز أونلاين وادفع نقدا في خلال 24 ساعة في أي منفذ من منافذ فوري.
فقط اختار الدفع عن طريق فوري عند القيام بالحجز.

It's the season of love and compassion and EGYPTAIR is going to offer a lucky winner 2 free flight tickets to Bangkok.
To participate in the competition, take a picture at our booth at Cairo International Airport on Thursday the 14th of February, post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Love_EGYPTAIR and mention our Facebook page or Instagram account (@egyptair) in your caption, and make sure your post is public.
If your post gets the highest number of likes within the competition's duration you will be our lucky winner.

Terms and conditions:
1- Competition starts on 14/2 and ends on 21/2 after that, likes on your post will not count.
2- Only photos taken at our airport booth will be considered for the competition.
3- Only public posts on either Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Love_EGYPTAIR and mentioning @egyptair will be considered for the competition.
4- The winner gets 2 free tickets excluding taxes .
5- Any posts from EGYPTAIR employees will not be considered for the competition.

في موسم الحب، مصر للطيران هتقدم لسعيد الحظ تذكرتين طيران مجاناً لبانكوك.
علشان تشارك في المسابقة، سافر يوم ١٤ فبراير واتصور في جناح مصر للطيران وانشر صورتك مع هاشتاج #Love_EGYPTAIR على حسابك على فيسبوك أو انستاجرام واعمل mention @egyptair لصفحتنا واتأكد ان صورتك متاح رؤيتها للجميع (public)
لو صورتك جمعت أكتر عدد من الإعجاب Likes خلال فترة المسابقة هتكون انت الفائز.

الشروط والأحكام:
١-تبدأ المسابقة يوم ١٤-٢ وتنتهي يوم ٢١-٢، وسيتم حساب الإعجاب على المنشورات المشاركة في هذه المدة فقط.
٢- المنشورات المؤهلة للمشاركة في المسابقة هي فقط للصور من موقعنا في مطار القاهرة.
٣- المنشورات المؤهلة للمشاركة في المسابقة هي فقط المتاح رؤيتها للجميع والتي تتضمن هاشتاج #Love_EGYPTAIR و mention لصفحتنا أو حسابنا الرسمي على فيسبوك أو انستاجرام.
٤-يحصل الفائز على عدد ٢ تذكرة مجانيا لا تشمل الضرائب.
٥- لا يسمح للعاملين بمصر للطيران او الشركات التابعة لها الاشتراك في المسابقة.

What’s better than a good relaxing flight with your kid beside you? Book your EGYPTAIR seats online now, stay together on board, and have good quality time with your beloved!
#CompanyGuaranteed #EGYPTAIR #TRAVEL

The city of love is definitely the place to be in Valentine’s day! Surprise your loved one and #Travel with #EGYPTAIR to your favourite valentine destination!

#Repost from @karimgamil
"We fly in thunderstorms, gusty winds, sandstorms, freezing rain and bad weather.
We face a lot of challenges and difficulties with knowledge, faith, courage and dedication to our country and to our beloved company EGYPTAIR.
When everyone is sheltering from bad weather we are up there but no matter what your safety is our priority."
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