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Our room had our name on it!

I think I may have left the gate open... 😉

Threw the compost bowl up the hill to pick up on the way back from feeding the animals... the bowl had other ideas. I would have caught it sooner if I hadn’t been laughing so hard at myself! I ended up having to park it instead. 😆

One of these things is not like the others...

Not my peanuts! They opened a pantry door and managed to get three shelves up. Bad mousies!

What am I supposed to do with is!

Left work at a decent time, checked the fences, moved the cattle to a fresh pasture, walked to the creek, saw a bald eagle, took pictures in the golden light... not a bad day!

Dang it! All I wanted was a cup of cocoa.

Sweet memories...

My pillow is missing it's car. #vwbuyback

Russell made me lunch! Yum!

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