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Egosther Skincare/Spa  Facial Bodysteam/sauna Whitening bath treatments Bodyscrub/Skin polishing Massage/Deeptissue massage Waxing Virginia steaming 09098771599/07069587346

Our new improved herbal whitening soap 👍🏻 trust me you surely need this on your skin .
Just take a look at this goodness and tell me you don’t want to try it . Lots was put in place to make this lovely soap .
Pls no long talk , a try will convince you and you keep coming for more more .
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This lovely turban is for our customers with the highest goods purchased.
We promised to do discount and giveaway, so here we are . Keep the orders coming .
Thank you all for choosing us among many 🙏🙏🙏

Happy Sunday beautiful people 😍 yes I read all messages plus the DMs , hmmm some people even turn to pastor . :
Start placing your orders now before you hear out of stock . :
This discount will only last for 5days , starting 9th of July (Monday) to 13th of July (Friday).... :
And the giveaway will go to the customer that bought the highest worth of goods. :
Thanks for the love @egostherskincare @egosther_luxury

Hello cuties 👋 am ready to listen . Drop your comments. I need like 20 comments before I decide .

Pls give me reasons . Thanks you

Second sets going out today . Thank you sweethearts for trusting us and continuous patronage 🙏
We’re still waiting for you if your yet to patronize us . Come join this glowing gang and Glow differently ✨✨✨
Something new and hot coming soon 👍🏻👍🏻

Yes it’s weekend and it’s time to pamper yourself @egosther_luxury .
Come in for your pedicure and manicure, haircuts , fixing of nails , hair fixing ,purchase of weaves , spa sections , skincare products . .
Don’t forget , we’re still on 20% discount once you come to the store to make any of what I mentioned and 10% discount on skincare products 👍🏻
You can book appointment with us by calling our office line —-07069587346/09098771599
We’re expecting you and guess what ? Theirs refreshments as well
@egosther_luxury @egostherskincare

Too many reviews on our face kit and herbal whitening soap.
Invest in your skin cause it will take you places and speak for you 👌🏻👌🏻 Beautiful skin starts with @egostherskincare .
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When your clients does the before and after picture just to show you her transformation 👍🏻👍🏻
We’re happy and we want you to be happy also . more reason you should patronize us and Glow like the queen you are .

Products used
Halfcast cream
Body exfoliating scrub
Herbal whitening soap
Halfcast serum
Face cream
#beautyinlagos #healthyskin #bestskincareproducts #organicskincare #beautifulskinstartshere #egostherkoncept #egostherskincare your satisfaction is our ego

Glowing Queen 👸looking all beautiful not bleached pls know the difference for those of you asking for bleaching and sharp sharp results .

Please be patience and consistent , stop asking what this person is using and expect to get results within days .
Come let’s go through this journey together, let that skin speak for you with @egostherskincare @egostherskincare_uk
Real people..... Real Results 👍🏻. #beautyinlagos #healthyskin #bestskincareproducts #organicskincare #nadeyworkweywedeydo😊 #skincareblogger #skinspeaks #egostherkoncept #egostherskincare your satisfaction is our ego

The reviews on our snowwhite cream has been wonderful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 With constant usage of snowwhite and our black soap combined with body exfoliating scrub be sure for positive results 👍🏻 #beautyinlagos #healthyskin #bestskincareproducts #organicskincare #nadeyworkweywedeydo😊 #egostherskincare #egostherkoncept your satisfaction is our ego

Screaming happy birthday to this sweetheart of mine 🎂🎂🎂 . She’s one friend you can trust , shares ideas with , and hope to get positive results 👍🏻 You been very helpful and supportive to my brand , I wish you nothing but success and favour as you add another year today and all the best as you lunch your @confam_luxuryhair brand to the world 🙏🙏 @confam__queen__413 @confam__queen__413

Review on our face kit 👍🏻 are you still battling with pimples , sunburns, rough face , black heads ?
You need this face kit , results is sure with our face kit
Real People Real Results
#beautyinlagos #healthyskin #bestskincareproducts #organicskincare #nadeyworkweywedeydo😊 #egostherkoncept #egostherskincare your satisfaction is our ego

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