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ega 🔱  Full time dreamer Part time engineer Currently : East Borneo, Indonesia📍

treat me like a queen and i will treat you like a king, but if you treat me like a game i will show you how to play - unknown

i wish i could understand you, but i dont barks

i watch the TV forget what im told, well i am too young and they are too old - hard to explain

i like long walks on the beach with my boyfriend, until the LSD wears off and realize i’m just dragging a stolen mannequin around a parking lot - unknown

the fact is,
there is some one who hated you without a reasons, not cause of your fault but they’re just envy of you cause:
1. they cant reach your level
2. they cant better than you
3. they try to copy your lifestyle but cant
4. they dont have what you have
5. their lives not as exciting and cheerful as yours
so that they were so envy -> hated -> and then spread some bullshit about you

tell me not to do something and i will do it twice and dont forget to take pictures

dont kill my high cause you are low

kalimantan pulau itah, si hituh hutan itah, si hituh daha itah, si hituh belum itah

i dont get homesick, i get campsick🏕⛰🏕

im built from every mistake i’ve ever made

jangan makan malam, ntr badan kita berat, biar mereka saja

one of the best things of getting older is knowing someone is an asshole before they even speak

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