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Felipe C 

customary botox with #movember moustache update!


yes another #aclfest pic cuz I’m waiting on First Aid Kit and I’ve nothing better to do

this is me at @aclfestival . I let my keffiyah drop to drink a mango smoothie. I’m waiting for SOLANGE. she is on POC time. that mean she will get here when she get here #aclfest2017

ADM the boss got me a belated birthday present! it’s coffee sold by vets. it is unfortunate timing given its motif and names

new year, old me. the botox won’t let me smile. mama is happy I deleted the beard. happy gay pride yay

I kept sanding and sanding this light cuz I swear it looked cloudy as cotton balls. finally I said screw it and applied the rust-oleum wipe new towel thingy and immediately said OMG IT’S ALL IN THE TOWEL! all that sanding was for nothing

*sigh* it's the ass end of holiday. and what's with my ass-focus this weekend #southerndecadence

woo I need watah

folks is waitin on the parade

yeah, the botox side of my face is not moving

at southern decadence, you pack light

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