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Egmont van Dyck  iPhone only — Check FB The iPhone Arts for FREE apps and more. See our other Instagram site: The_iPhone_Arts. Hamburg, Germany/SF, USA


Today is the big day that @The_iPhone_Arts is they are having their biggest GiveAway to date.
In conjunction for their second birthday, TiPA teamed up with OlloClip to make available two OlloClip 2X Telephoto lenses with polarizer.

So if you would like a chance at winning an OlloClip 2x Telephoto lens, you will need to head over to @The_iPhone_Arts and follow the instructions there.
Leaving a comment here, does not enter you in the drawing.


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After a long hiatus, I have decided to return and start posting on IG. At the same time I will also relaunch @The_iPhone_Arts Instagram account.

Were over the following months I will be sharing with you not only good photography, guest artists, mobile stories and essay, including product reviews, tutorials, but also giving you a chance at winning a TiPA GiveAway.

And while it is still a few days too early to celebrate the websites second birthday this coming April 21st, I just could not wait to share the good news. If you follow @The_iPhone_Arts here on Instagram, you will have a chance to enter tomorrows biggest TiPA GiveAway yet. So stay tuned and in the mean time, please visit our website www.TheiPhoneArts.com to familiarize yourself with us. .
#The_iPhone_Arts, #Egmont_van_Dyck, #WeAreJuxt, #IGers, #IGDaily, #InstaMood, #InstaGood, #InstagramHub, #InstagramDaily, #StatiGram, #iPhone, #iPhoneOnly, #iPhonePhoto, #Mobile, #SnapSeed, #Hipstamatic, #BrushStroke,

I know it has been more than a month since I posted last, making it seem I have lost interest in maintaining my gallery. Unfortunately I lost more than 1600 images a few weeks ago that placed a damper on things. Then last week I was in Los Angeles covering the LA-MAF 2012, one of the best iPhoneography fine art shows I have seen and if you have not had the chance to see it, I have been posting photographs of the event, including plenty of images of the artwork at my website www.TheiPhoneArts.com.

I especially wish to say thank you to all the new followers. Also a big thank you to you who have continued to support me and not dropped me during my silence.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Egmont

Today, while at my friends house, Monica a photographer and crafter, I could not resist capturing this image in her studio, when light diffused by fog streamed through the window, down upon her work table and gently caressing her many brushes and other interesting items. Shot using Hipstamatic with John S lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome film cartridge. Duo-tone converted to B/W to remove the green cast Claunch 72 is known for, then a very soft warm-ivory duo-tone applied. Over all softness using Snappseed ‘Center Focus’ dark, then ‘Drama’ dark for the final touch. This also my second entree for #stilllifelounge curated by@ikebana-jen and @annacox. The previous photograph for this weeks entree were chestnuts dappled by sunlight. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, Egmont

During a clean up of the backyard, I discovered numerous walnuts a squirrels had hidden away among the fallen Sequoia needles that covered the ground underneath the tall coastal redwood tree, including a several empty half shells. I immediately feel in love with their texture, setting each new discovery aside as my own little treasure. A few day later I set up a table next to a window for the expressed purpose of photographing the squirrels bounty. First I tried using a few old books as a surface, but it just did not look right. Instead I pulled from storage roof shingles I had collected from an abandoned house for the sole purpose of reusing them in a painting or as a prop. Because I elected not to have any direct light onto the table-top set, I used fill cards to help bounce back any light and soften the shadows. After about 30 plus exposures with the iPhone 4S, capturing various different angles and approaches, I felt I had what I wanted. While studying the images I had just taken the light from the window began to strike the set. There was a warm breeze also blowing, ruffling the leaves in the tree just outside the window, ever changing the light on the walnuts. I quickly seised the moment and started all over, taking another dozen and a half or so exposures. The breeze kept changing the appearance of the highlights and shadows on the walnuts. I went from shooting B/W to color and back again, using Hipstamatic John S lens with Claunch 72 Monochrome, Kodot X-Grizzled and Salvador DreamCanvas film cartridges. After editing all the images I selected the Hipstamatic, Kodot X-Grizzled color version converted to B/W. #the_iphone_arts #Stilllifelounge #hipstamatic Please visit www.TheiPhoneArts.com for tutorials, resources and the Weekly Showcase featuring other IG’ers.

My part in this weeks theme at #stilllifelounge featuring Walker Evens, who influenced me greatly as to street photography and style of documentary. Wishing my American friends a Happy July 4th holiday.

I recently celebrated my birthday and though I have a photo with a slice of cake but felt showing the ending far more interesting.

The Hungry Eye - Walker Evans, #stilllife

Just ripping up a catalogue and reassembling it for the picture. Due to other obligations I cannot be at IG everyday, hope you understand. Never the less I shall check in regularly to like and comment. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Egmont

Shot while driving. Guess I was just lucky. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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