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hastaning bagus penggalih  • semarang - indonesia based illustrator • •• all photos are taken with my sony camera •• ✉ :

new collection has arrived! #supernintendo

yeayy! finally my youtube account is back after some misunderstanding!
Now you can watch this video again! In this video you will see a small part of my activities as illustrator in one day. check it out to my youtube channel to see the full video ( link in bio ). I love watching videos like this so I decided to make my own! it looks like I will often to make more video like this. So don't forget to like and subscribe. thank you! ( check the link in my bio )

new take photo tshirt and model from my client with my artwork inside there. nicely done! like i said before
someone will get this one when they are ready! so i wanna say congrats to @pannjji ! you are the lucky one! dm me for the next step! 👍😎
and if you want to buy this tshirt you can go here:

aku khawatir jika kelak yang subur pergi terusir oleh tandus.
aku khawatir jika kelak yang lembut pergi terusir oleh yang kasar.
aku khawatir jika kelak yang merindu pergi terusir oleh para pembenci.
aku khawatir jika yang jujur pergi terusir oleh para pendusta.
aku khawatir jika kerendahhatian pergi terusir oleh kesombongan.
lalu apa lagi yang bisa menunda sang pemilik alam untuk segera menghentikan waktu lalu meneteskan murka?
tidak, aku tidak sekhawatir itu...

something beautiful which I saw this afternoon.

open my old archived and found this artwork.
"the scientist"
this artwork is available for sale!

"urip kuwi kudu urup."
( hidup itu harus menghidupkan cahaya )
cobalah belajar menjadi cahaya bagi yang lain.
mulailah dari yang paling sederhana... senyum...

"NAMAHAGE" red version

client stuff
APOSTLE ( Sydney, Australia )

commission work, in progress...

gedung- gedung tinggi mu gak laku disini...

more isn't better, better is better.

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