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(3/3)Who would have ever figured that. Figure that her foundation alone could forge so much faith... I've seen her reach her goals but still feel like there's more to do. She started fortifying fortitude... She's more than an old soul she's fossil like, like a fling with flowers she's commitment bound. But she's a woman who likes to take flight so I might have to fly off the ground. Make love with the skies and the clouds... And fix my fibers to fend for her fetishes. Feed into her fascinations... And fathom my failure if I don't try hard enough, because I know how it feels to be alone with my ego... So, I'm going to continue with this flux and pray she doesn't see how flushed my face is and wonder what other emotions will flood out next... To fates farthest corner... I really do appreciate her... To the fluke that might change my life. Let's make sure no matter what happens to finish with a friendship...... Written By: AbdiQani Mohamed @qani.chronicles

(2/3)Firm and fragile with a frame of fiction... And when it comes to me she hasn't even been frigid or frighting just friendly. I want to thank her for fueling the fire inside me... I hope I can help heal the frost fragments falling from her heart because I'm still following the feelings I have never felt before... I'm going to forfeit my pride and flash uniqueness, I'm going to swallow time and never fast-forward the freaky... She's grown enough to understand the frenzy. So I want to fix the frequency of our sets so when our flesh connects her eyes only speak fireworks... Leaving me frustrated at the fools of the world for not seeing her amazement flashing. She's fundamentally flawless...... Written By: AbdiQani Mohamed @qani.chronicles

(1/3)Okay, you win... I can't find anything wrong with her. Even those flaws she flaunted were flattering... I've hit a point of complete openness because I feel like any dishonesty couldn't honor her. I anticipate greatness whenever she opens her mouth because her vocal cords are musically. She's fully fulfilling fantasies faster... Far farther than fickle... Fuck, have you ever seen a face not featuring fake-ness. Her skin is finger painting fine-ness. See, the past few weeks she has been the reason I've been flowing, fighting... For a focus filled future... She's fortune but foreign....... Written By: AbdiQani Mohamed @qani.chronicles

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