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egik  Bloody fine bastard If you are interested with mine, you could hit me at : ceggyk@gmail.com

A well-known sticker design for Well-Known store in Madura @wellknown.id

Re-drawing logo for Sepatu 68 Sidoarjo.
Yang daerah darjo dan sekitarnya, bisa nyuci disana yaw


Wasted Youth was originally made for my beloved solve wear (kok gaisok di tag tin @navyannashabi ). for uncertain reason, the production was stopped and the design was left on my harddisk.
Wasted Youth try to represent the kid that was grown up in the Disneyland which turn into a teenager. They turn itu penikmat subuh 4:20, penikmat kopi starbak, and drive along the road.

Menyambangi sobad jauh di daerah selatan tapi ngakunya @ufuktimur.id
Moga sukses dan sehat selalu

Some logo design for friend who want to build a bakery.

Re-making the logo of @thankgoditsvinyl just for fun.
Rippin' the image of the most famous music channel in the 20th century.
Dah gitu aja.

It's so heartbreaking. Even i don't know him personally. It's so sad to know that he is not around anymore. In my younger years, i used to listen to all of the track in Meteora and it's the best album, in my opinion, at the time. So sad we have to say goodbye. And it's getting worse to know that his dead is caused by a depression. Thanks for the good works and your good influence, man. Rest in peace

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Turning 21st and 132lbs together.
Happy birthday.

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