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Ally Egge Nelson  Me + Him + Dog + Baby Z / Back in the Northwest for Keeps / Runner, Sunset Hunter, Summit Chaser / I Always Carry a Camera (Even in My Dreams) 📱iP7+

Zelda is 2 months old! She loves kicking around on her activity mat and trying new noises like "ah-ooo" and "ew"! She's still keeping us up late most nights but yesterday she fell asleep at 10:29 pm and slept for six straight hours before she wanted to nurse. This was the second time in the last week (and ever) she accomplished this sleep miracle. Currently her favorite place to nap during the day has been on peoples' chest with her little head resting on a shoulder and she almost always falls asleep in the Tula on our daily walk with Buckwheat.

These days she can finish whole bottles from her dad but she remains a pro at nursing. She's been to Whidbey (twice), Winthrop and Yakima, and is getting better at car rides all the time (by the grace of pacifiers and bottles). Sometimes she rolls onto her side, like she did while I was writing this. Every day she seems to smile more and more, and it's getting so fun to interact with her. She's a sugarplum, a lemon drop, a snuggle-berry pie and I feel so lucky to have her in our life. Love you Zelda Lou! #2monthsold #zelda

This guy has been my Valentine for 13 Valentine's Days (and counting)! Photo of the two of us from last Valentine's Day in Mexico--back before he grew a beard and I grew a human. (This year was a little more low key--dinner at home with our baby girl.) 💗Happy Valentine's Day Everyone 💗

He may have gotten home from work a little late last night but he still made us jambalaya for dinner and picked up around the house before bed.
This morning he took Zelda for a walk in the carrier so that I could go for a run and then he made us breakfast while baby wearing. Parenting a newborn has not been easy but I feel like we're starting to get the hang of it. And I am very grateful that I get to do it with this man. Thanks for the scrambled eggs and the run and the countless hours spent walking and rocking Z to sleep at night--thanks for all of it @kerzberz! I'm one lucky lady. #babywearingdad #tulababycarriers

Branching out / I'll take what I can get #barebranches #wintersunset #seattlesunset #goldengardens #vscocam

Obligatory Pacific Northwest Snow Photo

Currently on our way back to the mainland--Fred Hutch is closed today, but my husband still has to go into work (boo!) #lifewithscientist #snowday #snowatthebeach #winterbeach #whidbeyisland #driftwood #vscocam #❄️

This little bear is growing so fast! I want it to stop! I want to pause and rewind back to when she was six pounds and an hour old... but I also kind of want to speed things up and fast forward to the days when she starts to smile and roll over and sit up and babble and crawl and walk and talk (and to the nights when we get more sleep!). ---
These last six weeks and three days have seemingly gone by at warp speed in a sleepy blur, while the individual hours have often felt as though they pass oh so lazily; that they creep by at a glacial pace. So I try to savor and snuggle her close each day and when the hours seem to slow to a crawl, I think of the tens of thousands of firsts yet to come--of all we have to look forward to--and try to remember that someday they'll all feel like they went by way too fast. This truly is the #longestshortesttime
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A Very Pacific Northwest Beach Scene #whidbeyisland #pacificnorthwest #pnwlife #pnwpup #terrierlife #vscocam

Shout out to all the rebel girls and women across the nation (and world) who have been peacefully protesting and marching for our daughters (and for all of the other people and causes who need protecting; who need to be heard). I've loved seeing your photos and stories pop up in my feed while I've been sitting and breastfeeding Zelda today. I'm so heartened to see how many girls and women (and boys and men) are out there standing up and speaking up for women's rights, women's health, equality, diversity and more. And I look forward to raising my daughter to stand up with you and be a #rebelgirl (thanks for the book @merlferrer !)

Hello 2017! Z is greeting the new year with clear eyes and curiosity. (✨Also, the light at my parents' house is magic✨) #hello2017 #zelda #zenbaby #10daysold #vscocam

Happy New Year from these two very tired but happy parents! Our 2016 was full of weddings, adventures, goodbyes and hello, agains; it started with races and ended in slow walks; it was Yosemite and the North Cascades; it brought us back to Washington; it made us parents. It was crazy, busy, challenging and rewarding. We rang in 2016 from a freezing tent and we're bidding it farewell from a cozy bed. And while I'm not sure where 2017 will take us, I feel ready for it with this guy by my side.

A little change in scenery! I've pretty much spent the whole day nursing Z--I think little girl is going through a growth spurt--but now that we're up at Whidbey, catching the sunset just means walking out the back door 🌅🙌 #sunset #pnwsunset #whidbeyisland #vscocam