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Ally Egge Nelson  Me + Him + Dog + Baby Z / Back in the Northwest for Keeps / Runner, Sunset Hunter, Summit Chaser / I Always Carry a Camera (Even in My Dreams) πŸ“±iP7+

This Buckwheat in Blooms is Off the (Golden) Chain (Tree)!
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Today I felt like a badass mom because I wore Zelda up and down a mountain and successfully breastfed her three times in the carrier while on the move. We hiked Mount Si: 3,100 feet of Elevation Gain and 8 miles round trip. My legs are tired and I'm sure they'll be a little sore tomorrow but it was worth it for the views from the summit (and maybe also all the comments we got from other hikers). I should add that Zelda didn't quite make it to the true summit with me because I didn't feel safe scrambling to the top of the haystack while baby-wearing (she hung out with my husband and dog while I went up to the top) but she was an excellent hiking companion--she took a couple naps, and chewed on some toys, and gazed up at me with huge eyes and an open-mouthed grin, and looked all around her with curiosity, and she only really fussed a little bit, at the very end. Yay!
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So grateful to this little nugget for leading me on one of the greatest adventures of all--motherhood! Motherhood is a rain or shine kind of deal, and boy have we had some rain... it's all worth it though.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommas. We celebrated by going on a hike (my request). It was a very Pacific Northwest kind of Mother's Day--the rain didn't stop us! The Californian in us brought an umbrella and used it on the way down, though. πŸ“·: @kerzberz
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Not yet kiddo!
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Running Post: This goat trotted up to me on my run this morning! I was running the route that made me fall in love with running. It's 6 and 1/3 miles of rolling hills with somewhere between 650 and 700 feet of Elevation Gain. I've done it dozens of times now, but this was the first time I'd met Mr. Goat! / / The first time I ever ran this route (which I call the "Fox Spit loop") was with my husband, Christian (probably in '07--long before we were married). Back then it involved a lot of walking and ended with me very red faced and frustrated. Fast forward to the fall of 2009: Christian and I decided to do the loop for our morning run. He had forgotten his headphones so we passed our run with easy conversation. And when we got home, I realized that over the course of the entire run, I hadn't once thought about stopping or wished that the run was over; I hadn't hated the hills or even really struggled on them. I had felt strong throughout: my legs, my lungs and my mind all worked together without any feelings of fatigue or strain. A route that had once felt so difficult to me--a hill run I usually dreaded--had become miraculously easy. I thought, "So this is why people run!". Later that month I signed up for my first half marathon and I've pretty much been running ever since. / / This morning I averaged 8:44's, which considering the elevation gain, I was pretty pleased with. Being a data junkie though, I looked up all the times I've run the loop and discovered today's was my fastest time. Not bad for 4 and a half months post-partum! Since I recovered from my c-section and started running again, I haven't passed on a single opportunity to run. Every run feels so precious to me now--if someone can watch Zelda, there are no excuses. Even when I've felt slow or tired, I've been so happy to be out there. I wish I was able to run more often (I'm only at about 170 miles and 34 runs for all of 2017) but I'm thankful for every run I get. I truly think pregnancy and having a baby has made me a better runner--I'm more patient with myself and more appreciative of my runs. And I'm getting faster every week! #whyirun #fromwhereirun #runningmom #whidbeyisland #goat #🐐#vscocam

Hey, it's a rainbow! (This caption is brought to you by the exhaustion of early motherhood) (I'm so tired--please send help!)
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Happy Easter from this sweet, silly girl! #zelda

Washington Beaches Rock πŸ˜‰
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And then this happened... Thank you Mother Nature πŸ™ #sunset #pnwsunset #whidbeyisland #pugetsound #pnwonderland #vscocam

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