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Ege Tunca  Yes, these are the boardgames you are looking for!

We popped our #gloomhaven the other day. My first impression thank god there is an app 🤣 which I saw being used in @shut.up.and.sit.down . It saves a lot of table space + time. Since this was our learning game we didnt expect much. The game was ok, I can see how it can get better with each play. Now the important part is finding the right group :)

#theriver from @daysofwonder is lighter than expected :( I was hopping for a bit more. Its great as a family & gateway game.

join me and we will rule the galaxy #starwars #rebellion was on my try list for awhile. Its a monster of a game. For my firt game I made many mistakes and learned a lot. It made me wonder ifI would like the #lordoftherings version more?

We finally played #decrypto its very intuitive. We only played a couple rounds but its very promising. Awesome job with everything @iello_usa

#vindication is a strange game (in a good way). It has lots of euro bits and a bunch of player interaction points. The only thing I wasnt so much into was how the randomness of the cards drove the game. Other than that the game was thrilling. @orangenebula did an amazing job with the production. If you like the game its on @kickstarter again with the expansion 😀

#exlibris I had high hopes for this one. I was kind of disappointed how the game played. Especially with sime of the bases which had absurd rules 😐 Also we learned that we played the game with wrong rules which quickened the game a lot. I would like to give it a go with some bases removed and the right rules :)

My favorite 2 player game #7wondersduel lots of yellow buildings helped me with income thus I was able to buy my way through the game.

One of the most elegant games out there. The simpilicty, depth and visual representation is just perfect. With god powers you getna new game everytime 🙃 one of our favorite abstract games. Amazing #kickstarter by @roxleygames

Laminated #welcometo welcome 😁 I dont get why all roll and write games come with lamination instead off normal papper 🤨

Our second game of #gentles I still cant figure this game out. Somehow the endings snow ball effect is crazy. I cant figure out if the last turns cards are too random. Still the game is a lot of fun to play. Cant wait for my deluxified @tastyminstrel version.

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