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Vegetarian Friendly Dinner! Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Pasta! I used 3 small to medium zucchinis, spiralized them. I then added them to a pan on the stove, added a little Evoo and sautéed them until they got to the tenderness I like. I then added some fresh diced tomato, basil, pepper, a little sea salt, shredded mozzarella cheese and Parmesan. Cooked a few more minutes and voila!

All about those horseshoes today 🙌🏼

LAST DAY!! My Lean and Defined: Legs, Abs, and Cardio is on sale for $20 until tomorrow. There is a home and gym version! You get A LOT of bang for your buck 🤗 To purchase go to www.EricaNicoleFitness.com (link in bio) and click on the ebooks tab. Below is what all you will find in the eBook!
•FAQ - how much weight to use, how much you should be eating etc
•Warm up and stretching exercises
•Post-Workout Recovery
•Meal plan for weight training days, cardio and rest days, and a muscle building meal plan
•Snack list
•Food Exchange list - to help with switching, substituting, and modifying foods and ingredients
•4 days a week of workouts for 4 weeks - 2 leg days a week and 2 cardio and abs days a week

Monday Cardio Circuit 😅 15 minutes on the stairmaster and then 6 rounds of this! 5 Man makers, 10 step up to alternating jump lunge, 4 plank tricep kickback to front raise to side raise, 6-8 jump squats! Minimal rest between rounds!
Also, today is the LAST DAY to get my Lean and Defined: Legs, Abs, and cardio eBook for just $20! You can purchase by going to www.EricaNicoleFitness.com and click on the 'eBooks' tab!

Parent's night out for my beautiful cousin @nataliegensler wedding reception 💃🏻

Self discipline begins with mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. I'll never stop preaching this because it's 100% true! You can not have negative thoughts and positive action. It just doesn't work. The law of attraction says that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences to their life. So focus on the positive and watch your life transform

#tbt to this extremely difficult, yet very effective isolated hamstring exercise 🔥🔥🔥@gymgirlvids

Life is about balance and moderation. I don't completely cut certain Foods or alcohol out of my diet - but I am mindful of them. I try to make room in my macros when I drink alcohol and I stick to light beers (most of the time, this mama also likes her craft beers 😉) or I'll do Cabernet. Unless you have extreme goals, there isn't a reason to cut every single 'un-clean' food and alcohol out. A part of this journey is actually enjoying it and not feeling deprived.

What is everybody working out today? Wednesday's are usually leg day for me, it takes me half the week to prepare 🤣

Planks on crack! Two different plank variations I did today that are no joke 😅@gymgirlvids

Amazing workout today! I woke up dreading having to get to the gym but I drank my herbal tea with liftoff, put my big girl panties on and got it done. It's funny how the workouts you don't want to do, usually end up being the best! Also, if it don't have the Fit Radio app - stop what you're doing right now and download it!! Game changer 🙌🏼

No gym? No problem! A full lower body workout that can be done anywhere, only using your body weight! (These are some of the many body weight exercises you will find in my 25x25 eBook. Link in bio)

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