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#Japanese #tomato heaven. Relative sweetness for each variety is clearly labeled

Guards at the yahoo Japan office

Weird tuna on #tuna #sushi but still love the old chef here. Rough around the edges and not for everyone but this place is still one of my favorites

Popular neighborhood #udon #noodle place. Small hut near the station with no seats. Always a line but moves fast. Choice of hot or cold (noodles have more bite when cold) and toppings

Pitstop picture time while on the mariokart tour

Had to take a quick snap as the shop discouraged phone use in the premise. Finally made the pilgrimage to this ranked #2 #tsukemen in Japan (#1 in #tokyo) by ramendb. Been on my list forever as it's 30 mins train away from the city. Had to line up another 45 mins on a cold rainy day but the soup base had a depth that was better than any other place I have been. Also impressed with their 3 meats that are all sous vide cooked. Looking forward to coming back

Huge botan ebi #shrimp. Sells out around 530pm

Real life #MARIOkart including costumes in downtown #Tokyo. Even more fun than it looks

Uni on #wagyu. Probably the ultimate #foodporn combo and yes it does go together if you were wondering. This is a local hidden gem that is a standing bar and only open for 4 hours a day. Expect to line up before it opens if you want the best experience

This chain has the best value #sushi in the world. The 2 hour line waits prove it. Protip: get your virtual wait ticket online

#Tokyo nights

Another good sushi place. Only 7 seats all at the bar. I guess you aren't having good #sushi if you aren't by the bar get piece by piece immediate after they are made anyway

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