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Shout out to my favorite rider @markgralla, Really out there riding and looking for spots that no knows about, while y’all niggas filming so called jibs at plaza’s. Street riding for me was never about tricks it’s about being in the streets seeing life happen, hearing what music the streets listening to. What fashion the streets fucking with. Fights. Bodegas. Chopped cheeses. Loosie spots. Then some tricks. Shout out to the real street riders out there and thanks to rat for keeping nyc street riding tradition going. 🙏🏾 shout out to @hyrone, and @ampm212 too. 😘 and one more thing. If your a bmxer please have hobbies outside of bmx. It’s good for you. I know this is coming off like I hate plaza’s I don’t. We just use it as a warm up for the real streets.

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This sounds like the Ridley trash I know.

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