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Edward Avila  seoul☁️


We're at that point where you think you can just wear a cute outfit but the weather is like lol?? you?? Trying to wear something other than just shorts and a tanktop?? dont think so l0l

A photo of Edward in his natural habitat: waiting for his food and for the boys (to message him back. Which never happens)

Wonho spelled my name wrong LOL (I spell it with a 'y') but it's okay☁️ He thought it was interesting when he found out he had a male foreign fan looool (good. means less competition >:| jk lol.) (I'm not kidding) this is literally my fifth copy of the album but whatever LOOOL (edit: omg wait no i didnt meet them its just my friends friend works in starship so she hooked it up lolol :B)

Thank you to @aoora69 and @trophycatfriday for allowing me to be a part of this special project~ I really hope you guys enjoy it :) otherwise I'll be the next exp edition lmaooooo jk (but not really) *sheds one ass sweat*
*the date of the meet & greet might change to maybe 6/17 but we'll try our best to have a fun and organized event ☁️

Omfg I have to clarify again LOL here I am trying to be all mysterious and build hype but everyone's like lol whats going on 😩 Me and Trophy Cat (who is actually @aoora69 and another producer) have created a song where I'm singing on the track I'm not just modeling in some video LOL the photos I've been posting are from the music video shoot looool. I told my mom months ago when we were producing the song and her first reaction was 'lol you? sing?' 😐 I'm a kpop idol now ya'll~~~ jk lol (this is the thing I said I'd be announcing in a few weeks time and that I've been keeping a secret but come time to announce it most people are just confused LOOL) but anyway I don't wanna hype the song up too much only to disappoint you guys but uhm....the song...it's not fuckin around ya'll lol everyone I've shown it to had their jaws drop 💃🏻

The music video director was like lol you need to look sad and melancholy and kinda tired and I was like *lol thinks of wonho* (oh and a lot of people didn't know who trophy cat was and were like lol i tried to google it but nothing came up lol trophy cat is a korean edm/tropical/house production duo)

Trophy Cat × Edward Avila [Coming Soon]
#finally #lol #releaseschedulecomingsoon #ohshesanidolnowlol

🤓 okay I'm done now lol I'll stop moaning and groaning about them @nybkusa

Behind the scenes of my next adult project, "Edward Penis Hands". Jk lol 🎥 @leedhsoo

*poses stupidly to get entire outfit in shot*

I was informed that my new neighborhood was known for prostitution I was like lol I fit right in

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