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Edward Avila  seoul☁️


That hairband has been glued to my head since I got it. Fashion choice? Maybe. Excuse to cover my airplane runway sized forehead? Most likely.

Halloween begins in September in Korea I guess lol

The real reason I came to Kcon

The @troiareuke_korea ✕ Edward Avila Donation Cushion~ A skincare cushion that contains 99% skincare and heals/regenerates/moisturizes/controls sebum while you wear it. The H+ version is targeted to dry/mature skins and has ingredients that recover and hydrate the skin while the A+ version has acne fighting ingredients, soothes redness, and minimizes pores. Alone it’s medium to full coverage but I like to wear it under foundation to help my skin throughout the day 🙃 A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity to help those suffering from skin diseases/ailments~ hence the name of the project. OH YEAH it’ll be out August 8 loooool. Shipping will be international.
My name is Roxxxy and I’m here to make it clear that I’m not making a dime from this haha I just wanted to make a nice cushion LOL for you guys and also donate to a charity~

Eddy ✕ Troiareuke: Donation Cushion✨ We’ve been preparing this for a few months now! I’ll post the announcement video tmrw on my channel hehe

@lilmarvel0 was going to feed the sausage to the fish but instead fed it to me #charitable #selfless #godisawoman 👕 by: @dyno.soul

Coming soon~ 🤓 #eddy✕?

Appropriating athletic people

We all know I literally shop at the same place lmao and it turns out Aland is opening a branch in Brooklyn! It’s really exciting cos they’ll also be carrying @add_seoul_official and @nybkusa which take up 99% of my wardrobe lol. I won’t be able to attend the opening but during July 13-22, for anyone shopping, if you show this post at the store you can get 20% off @nybkusa eyewear and/or gifts from Aland! If you’re into Korean fashion I definitely recommend checking the place out 😛 You can check my IG story/Highlight for a preview of the store~
92 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Please tell me someone remembers that guy that would ask asian boys on Tumblr to come to Hawaii and walk with him on the beach barefoot those were the good ‘ol times *adjusts monocle while huffing cigar by the fireplace below the taxidermy head of a moose*

Thank you to everyone who came to say hello at kcon this weekend 😙 I apologize for the scheduling issues, things got a little crazy trying to get me from one place to another cos I kept causing huge lines I felt like Tana Mongeau jk lol.

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