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Edward Avila  seoul☁️


Bye New York~ I'll never forget the extreme flashfloods, burning heat, rude pedestrians, and rat infested subway stations you've blessed me with☁️ jk LOL it was so great meeting everyone that I said hi to during my trip! Please don't expose too much of my "rotten personality" on the internet☁️ Can't wait to see you guys in LA~ hopefully with some special people hehe~ #🏆🐱 🎶#️⃣2️⃣

'Stay' is out now on my YT channel :) thank you to @aoora69 and @trophycatfriday for producing a beautiful song and @leedhsoo and @imfruleo for producing a beautiful video. Don't hate it too much I recorded vocals two weeks after my nose job LOOOOL.

Congrats to @official_monsta_x ~ I heard their first concert went well. I was gonna go but I had to fly out to nyc and I begged my manager to change the flight but she was like "LOL gtfo of my face your ass is going to ny" looooool. So I'm just gonna pass this gift over to them ㅠㅠ they'll probably look at it like Micky Yoochun that one time at that fan signing and be like "throw this away" LOL

At the concert while everyone was like omg Britney yas slay queen you own everything I was like lol uh can I get these backup dancers numbers like yes please sweat in my mouth but then an overwhelming sense of pain came over me as God reminded me there is only One Hoe. Wonho. #thankyou #slampoetry Oh and I'm in New York now hehe everyone is so posh here like just a minute ago a man went rampaging through the streets screaming about missing the bus. I feel so urban

Cover of my next adult film, "Two Boys One Hole". Jk lol #키스데이 #guesswhomadethosekissmarks #heh #heh

When people ask me "Oh are you a monsta x fan" and I'm like "lol yeah they're cool I guess" but on the inside I'm spongebob and patrick when they're playing the 'I'm a goofy goober song' but they have to control themselves otherwise they'll get beaten the shit out of lol. Also me @ functions with straight boys and they ask me if I have a gf lol. #셔누

'Stay' CD + Edward Avila Jewelry Diary + Plant I always forget to water that's probably already dead #conceptual

'Stay' [2017.06.19]

It's actually much warmer and pinker in color but I had to edit it to fit my feed looool. First music video teaser next week~

Thank you Wendy lolol (she spelled my name right this time *cough* wonho) jk lololol

We're at that point where you think you can just wear a cute outfit but the weather is like lol?? you?? Trying to wear something other than just shorts and a tanktop?? dont think so l0l

A photo of Edward in his natural habitat: waiting for his food and for the boys (to message him back. Which never happens)

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