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Edward Avila  seoul☁️

My winter fashion is hot pants and crop tops with a heavy coat for warmth #novababe


It’s a dehumidifier/odor absorbent for when I’m sweating in the middle of an intense round of Barbie’s Safari Adventure

*sips on starbucks drink as ‘mad world’ by gary jules plays in the distance*

One thing about Korea is how when it even starts to be a little chilly outside everyone running the ac/heater is like oh winter has made its arrival time to crank up the heat and instead of making it a nice cozy warm or u know JUST TURNING OFF THE AC LOL I feel like just going into the subway station becomes a mad descent into the fiery pits of dante’s nine levels of hell and I’m like wow top tips for hydrated skin? drink water and don’t wear an extra layer for the weather even if you want to 🤠😔💦

Livin la vida loca at 1am 🤘🏻

Posing with flowers before they die in the fridged Korean winter air☁️

We forgot to take pictures so I had to post a screenshot..the spookiest halloween yet

The 아재들 at the Yeongdeungpo office were 난리남 when we presented them with the money we raised from the Donation Cushion (thanks to you icons 😎) and it was nice cos a lot of funding tends to go to Gangnam so it felt good knowing we (and by we I mean you guys lol) were helping out 🤘🏻

Me thinking about Shownu’s tiddie tremors but also McDonalds french fries

I just had to take a break from social media...jk I was still on here liking pictures of boys why else would I have instagram


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