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Edward Avila  seoul☁️


My manager: “Singapore was so fun the city was amazing.” Me: *was looking at boys the whole time*

I was like omg I look so stoic but then I realized I just look like I’m taking off a wig lol

A few announcements~ My second collaboration with @nybkusa will be coming out soon w00t remember like last year-ish I wanted a pair of glasses like Sehun’s in those Lucky One teasers well nybk made her happen LOL. There will be two styles of glasses in the launch and will be available online and in Aland stores in Korea. Second is I’m going to be hosting a K-pop party looool with @shotwithsoju in Chicago at Berlin on Feburary 1st. You do have to be at least 21 to attend lol so its gonna just be us ladeez and the music *touches self*. Unfortunately I’m only going to be there for like two days so I won’t be able to hold a separate meet & greet ㅠㅠ hope to see you there so we can hit the folks and dab on the naynayz *lets go of crutches trying to whip it but falls over so has to use LifeAlert*

Lol when u get that good lighting and try to pose for a photo but then your friend catches u in the act and then u try to play off you smizing as just u making sure the camera app was open and in focus so u just take a silly pic cos lolz nvm #ripvine

“Edward it’s the new year! Come out and party! Live a little! xD” Me:

To thank you guys for a wonderful year Trophy Cat and I are releasing a special single, “Di Ko Alam (Trophy Cat Remix) ft. Will” on 2018.01.01~ Originally I brought up the idea of a Filipino single to our fans in the Philippines cos “Stay” charted for quite a while in the Philippines and also cos I’m Filipino lmao. But the song is in Filipino, Korean, and English so I was like f it just release it for everyone to enjoy lol. The original song is from the movie “Diary ng Panget” so if u wanna listen to the original feel free to do so LOL. But you can’t twerk to it as hard as to our version so 👦🏻 jk lol hope you had/are having a happy holiday~~ also @notminhyukaish is rapping on it as well looool

I’m trying to think of something funny to write but I’ve got nothing. It’s just me doing my makeup lol. I was using the new Eye and Lip Paints from @thesaem.official . Theyre okay lol #kbeauty #thesaem

I really don’t know what to say other than how much at a loss for words I am. To be completely honest with you this is probably the first time I’ve been affected emotionally by the death of someone and that probably sounds so silly because Jonghyun was an idol who didn’t even know me. A few family members from my adolescence have passed but it never really registered to me as I either wasn’t very familiar with them or I never met them. But to see a close loved one of mine who was close to Jonghyun break down at the news of his passing really made me realize that life is so delicate and that we need to keep our loved ones as close as possible and to never take them for granted. Although I fully believe that people going through depression should try their best to seek help, its also important that the people around them, close family and friends, step in as well at the first signs that something could be wrong. As humans I think we have that enate ability to sense when someone (especially those we care about) are acting different or out of the ordinary, and small things like asking if everything is okay can help in possibly preventing the worst. It’s healthy to mourn his passing but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate his life, the music he’s made, and the happiness he’s brought people. My heart goes out to Jonghyun’s family, friends, those at SM entertainment, as well as shawols around the world. He’s in a better place now. R.i.p. Jonghyun

Aoora was in that costume so during the whole Benefit event I kept talking to him through the little eyehole in the front so people were probably like wow he’s gotten so desperate for the d that he’s resorted to flirting with people working part time mascot jobs lol

Hello my beautiful shining molerats~ jk LOL I’m having a Christmas party on the 20th in Gangnam~ I’ll have more details out later here and on my YouTube channel but for now put dat shit on ya calendah’s!!! 💯💯💯 jk lmao you dont have to go. We’ll sit down, spill some stale t, perform some songs, and give away some gifts cos thats the only reason anyones goes to any of these events amirite ladies 💯💯👌🏻👌🏻

I’m not modeling just casually listening to Katy Perry. Buy Applause on iTunes now (sidenote we’re working on the next trophy cat single and honestly I’m in tears thank based god)

It’s become an inside joke with like myself at this point cos it’s been happening quite often lately that a cute guy will come up to me and be like “omg are you Edward” and I’ll be like *pulls out Summer’s Eve travel wipes* “Why yes, yes I am” *freshens up the bussy* but then they’re like “my girlfriend loves your videos” and I’ll ask him if he’s happy knowing he broke another heart and spirit that day. Jk lolol (btw this is the NEW cafe at Style Nanda’s flagship store in Hongdae, not the Pink Hotel one in Myeongdong. Its at the top floor, u have go up some rundown lookin sketchy ass staircase before u arrive at the cafe looool.)

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