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Omg I hate doing these sorts of business-y posts but I wanted to let you guys know the NYBK×EDWARD glasses are up for pre-order LOL (I say as I don't actually wear the glasses lol). In general, any of the glasses from the NYBK×EDWARD collection will be discounted from their regular prices.
•Glasses $95->$85
•Sunglasses $125->$95
But if you pre-order with the code 'edward' (omg I'm gonna get exposed by drama channels now LOL where's my morphe code), from April 17-30, you'll get more of a discount~☁️
•Glasses $70
•Sunglasses $80
If you happen to need a prescription for your glasses, they CAN insert them for you for an extra fee (basically the cost of the lens. On their site click 'Lenses' at the top of the page to select the lens type and instructions on how to send your prescription). This is one of the many projects I'm working on right now :) hope you enjoy your new glasses~ (if you buy them idk LOL) *socal beauty guru voice* Link is in my bio~

Exploring nature while looking for dique on grindr jk i use jack'd

The story behind these was that when I was younger, I grew up with my mother by the rolling hills of jk lolol they had sunglasses that didn't sell well so they popped the lenses out and put optical lens in and I was like daddy I like these and this is how this pair was born LOL. I've always wanted a pair like this but NEVER found any that suit my face. People are probably like "lol so you think this pair suits you?" LOL. *shaky voice* I like them okay *ugly crying kimoji*. This will also come in gold for people who prefer gold pieces. Lol people who refer to things as 'pieces' and 'hardware' lololol. OH and these will be out by the end of April☁️ EDIT: don't worry about buying these glasses to "support me"^^ I told NYBK that I wouldn't take any profit from sales of the glasses cos tbh 1) I wouldnt make that much loool, 2) I'm more concerned about making pussy poppin merchandise lol and the money doesn't matter at all to me really and 3) that'll help lower the price! I think there will be a discount as well so compared to the prices they usually have on their site any of the collab glasses/sunglasses will be slightly more affordable. EDIT EDIT LOL: someone asked me if the glasses were that project I was working on that I was excited to announce but theyre not IM TREMBLING THINKING ABOUT IT u guys have no fckn idea whats in store looool

Omg my dreams are finally coming true☁️☁️ jk in my dreams people are always trying to kill me lol. @nybkusa was like wanna make some glasses with us I was like lol ok *cry laughing emoji* we have this pair of sunglasses, a pair of optical glasses (that I'll probably post soon after this because I'm an attention whore *smacks trident gum* lol) and also later on we're coming out with a pair that I asked nybk to make resemble the ones Sehun wore in his 'Lucky One' teaser photos lolol cos the original ones are like $450 lol bye (these all come in several colors~) they'll be limited edition though haha (but its ok no ones gonna buy them so whatever LOL)

Girl my time in malaysia was too damn wild lol it was only like what three days but she was sent on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I didn't win my category but like highkey glad I didn't cos I would have gone up on stage and been like "*vomits* hehe thx hit subscribe giving away two macbook airs" lol. Like highkey my favorite part of this whole experience is getting my makeup done by an *actual* makeup artist who also happens to be like *slowly lowers booty to floor while moistening lips* kinda cute heh. And then finding out he's a subscriber LOL. OH AND ALSO LOL I wasn't even really upset about not winning cos being able to see some of you guys there made me feel even happier! I wish I could have taken a picture with every single person but like *moves hair behind ears* I had like places to like go and likes places to be. Jk lol we were blocking the exit and they were like gtfo lol so I had to rush out :((( I hope to be back to see you guys again~~~ and now for the hashtags they want us to put even though we all know nobody fuckin looks at them lmao like honestly theyre so specific who is gonna actually search for these lol. #peekaboomalaysia
@peekaboomalaysia #InfluenceAsiaxMACCosmetics
#MACCosmeticsMalaysia and its funny cos the makeup artist isn't even from MAC lol the event organizers had to call in for more help lol. So the real hashtag here is #unprepped lol. Hair by @philexchin

☁️✈️ ☁️ #influenceasia

@influenceasia wants us to take photos of our invitations lol *is actually being threatened at gunpoint* (tears began to form after this photo was taken) lol jk I was nominated in the Personality category (even though I'm a beauty channel I guess I'm not cute enough jk lol) so me and @aoora69 are flying to Malaysia this Thursday to attend #influenceasia on Saturday ^^ so if you're there come say hi and /try/ to take a photo with me if you can get through security *smacks gum and twirls split ends* omg jk if you see us say hello hehe

Me still thinking about the thighs I wish I was touching #hakios

*photoshops smoke cos too scared of nicotine but also is too cheap to buy an entire pack of cigarettes for one photo*

I'm not modeling just casually listening to Selena Gomez

Coming soon~🐶 #NYBK×EDWARD

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