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Edward ZO  🧠 Business: info@edwardzo.com 🌴 Entrepreneur + Actor in LA 🔮 Lifestyle Creative on IG + YouTube 🌙 Founder @MoonFiber 🌊 BTS @VampirePapi . 👇👇YOUTUBE👇👇

*Who has hair like a pineapple & lives by the sea?* 🤓🍍🌊

The S&M legend jumped out.

Big Hair Energy today thanks to @MoonFiber 💫👀🍆🤪🤑💚

These balenciaga biker boots are a whole mood🤯Alexa play Wild_Thots.mp3

@EbanelSkincare // I never knew how satisfying it was to roll dead skin cells off my face til I discovered this peeling gel from @EbanelSkincare . Available now on Amazon.com #EbanelSkincare

(*edit* smthn scary happened at KCON LA.. Link is in bio) My friend @sepantaarya & I totally didn’t plan to match or anything🤪👀📸

Bored with your current skincare routine? I partnered with Korean skincare company @WishTrend to give u guys a chance to win 5 of my favorite products! This giveaway is open internationally & there will be 5 winners!
Easy rules to win:
1. Follow @WishTrend & @EdwardZo
2. Tag two friends below
Giveaway will run from AUG 19th ~ AUG 26th!
Winner will be announced AUG 27th on stories AND under this caption!
Edit: congratulations to the winners! They are :
#Klairs #SimpleButEnough #WishTrend #Giveaway

ootd. 👑

👉@WishTrend // In a sea of selfies, I realize that we live in an IG culture where extreme narcissism & vanity is normalized; I’m certainly no exception. I’ve my fair share of “look at me!” posts (incl this 1), but I think we embellish parts of ourselves on social media where we feel/felt the most inadequate. I struggled w/ a lot of skin problems when I was younger. In fact, it may not seem like it, but I still do. While some ppl can literally hop out the shower, towel off w/ a dirty rag & still have great skin (I actually kno ppl like this! Lol), I need to be diligent & extremely meticulous. At 1 point, I considered using accutane, but the side effects of such a powerful pharmaceutical drug left me uneasy esp since it was solely for vanity purposes. Instead, I started studying ingredients in skincare products & the foods I was eating. I became obsessed w/ finding a “skin cure” & my determination paid off. However- as soon as I got my face under control, I started noticing other skin sensitivity issues; I felt trapped in an endless cycle. Last yr, it got so bad that I couldn’t even wash my hands properly w/o getting a severe case of dyshidrotic eczema. It made me socially reclusive & took a toll on me. After educating myself on the topic, I finally have it under control & I’m now in a good space; it seems like such a small thing, but those who have gone through similar journeys can empathize. I know it’s not “gender appropriate” to care about skincare, I still get looks when I’m often the only guy browsing the skincare aisle in drugstores or at Sephora lol, but I had to care to reach normalcy & in the process I’ve found it’s something I’m v passionate about. I’ve never really shared this story w/ u guys, but its actually how I got into the world of skincare in the 1st place. That being said, yes when my skin looks good in a vid or in a pic now I’m very happy about it bc its almost a badge of honor; I know what I went thru & how hard I had to work to get here. It’s also bc of my background that I’m so excited to partner up w/companies like @WishTrend where I can share products w/ u guys that I’ve actually tested on myself & authentically enjoy (link in bio!)

Whatever u do, don’t go to @vampirepapi🙈🌵👀🔥

Iced coffee date? If your dating preference is Asian or Hapa you should check out the @East_Meet_East
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I need to get back into the gym lol, but still A weekend feast w/ a side of BDE🤪🥗🌭🍆🍒

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