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Ed Weeks  Eurotrash. Mindy Project / LA To Vegas

Gracias Barcelona. It was, as ever, a lot ❤️
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⬅️ So there's this little Catalan restaurant in Barcelona called Cal Pep. It opens at 7:30 on the dot and for at least half an hour before people are queuing up for a dining spot at the 20-seater bar. It serves, and forgive me if this is overly sweary, the best fucking food I have ever eaten in my godforfuckingsaken life, fuck it all. Here are some snapshots of the meal, artfully filtered to counter the blurriness of the Rioja with which they kept attacking my glass. The dark thing on toast is a swirl of sea-goddamn-salted chocolate. The fried potatoes accompanying the steak: thinner and oilier than a politician's promises. Also: a photo with the inimitable and revered José. Also: a video of me squishing into the most unctuous Spanish omelette ever conceived. I have problems, I know.

Thanks London for all the beautiful Londonness

chef / breakfast / breakfast-sharer

Lake getaway with these degenerates ❤️

Vegan beware

Ruddy bloody England loveliness

Many thanks to my very accommodating host #tinkerbell

Montreal day 8: two goddamn sweethearts and the best croque madame I've ever eaten

Montreal your bars are too cute we're going to have to have a word

Season FINALE of #LAtoVegas tonight! It'll be shocking and explosive and emotional, just like *insert topical joke here*. And thanks so much for watching and putting up with my endless plugging you lovely, saucy people. 9/8c on Fox

Montreal forgive me for being so bold but you are uncommonly beautiful

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