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First day back from Germany 🤙🏼🇩🇪 Already back at it 💯 Great getting to go to the Mango and bamboo festival at San Carlos, Pangasinan🏟This was the best "welcome back" I could ask for ❤️ ITS GOOD TO BE BACK 🇵🇭

Abangan niyo po sa Birthday Concert ng isang member of the PBB family @iamandalioloisa 💯🏟🎉🎊 It will take place TOMORROWin the Music Museum at 8Pm🕺🏼💃🏻 You'll enjoy it for sure🤙🏼

Hahaha I was scrolling through my camera roll and I saw this picture😂 This is the picture that basically started my journey. It was taken in a place called Düsseldorf at a concert and that's where I first found out about PBB auditions👏🏼🌏 Always look back on whatever journey you're on, you'll always be surprised on how far you've come

💯 We hit 500k Guys!! Thank you so much!! I remember how many I had before PBB and the fact we hit this milestone has blown my mind🔥😂 I'm on my way home now so I'll see you all soon 🙌🏼🛩

When you're sister is not just your sister but also your partner in Crime💃🏻🕺🏻 Have a safe flight back home Laura💯 Love you with all my forehead. I'd usually say heart, but my forehead is bigger❤️ Peace sista, see you again soon 🙌🏼

I'm sorry, I didn't see you there😎I'm too busy blocking out the haters💯Hahaha seriously though! Shoutout to all the bashers for making me work harder at everything I do. If you ignore, then you don't get affected. Simple guys✌🏼 - I hope this picture you made you laugh😂 I hope you all have a blessed day, wherever you may be🙌🏼

I just want to take this moment to look back for a moment. It has been 300 days since my journey began. 🌇 300 days - almost 10 months since I auditioned and won the opportunity of a lifetime. Since then it's been the best rollercoaster of my life; there've been highs and lows: I left my family for a long time, during PBB my Grandma passed away, I gave up school for a year.. but I met amazing people, some of which I really looked up to, I grew as a person and had one of the BEST experiences of my life.🙏🏼
Now I'm back at the place where it started: the living room in my home with the Bookshelf In the background - Im going to tell you guys a secret: I had so much preparation for my audition 😂 For example: I took a shower, fixed my hair, chose my clothes and wrote a script for what to say in the video audition. In the end I ignored the script anyway but my point is that I stressed so much for this 1 minute video ✌🏼😂 But it got me right here. -
I just really want to thank all of you guys right now for helping me with every step of this journey. All those voted on the big night, all those commenting their love and support (I still read the comments😉). You guys have helped make me who I am today. Thank you so much for a can never say that enough! God bless you all❤️ #teamedward #maywardfamily #teamhousemates !! -
Of course, a giant thank you to all my housemates for making the journey with me. You guys are all still as crazy as when I first met you all.😜😎You guys haven't changed and I don't even have to say much because you all know me well enough to know what I'm thinking. -
Of course, thank you to @starmagicphils for helping me take my baby steps after PBB💯
Always thanks to my glam team for making styling me and making me laugh💪🏼 You guys are great. 👕👖👔👞👙
And especially a Big Big Thank you to Kuya and all his ninjas. To all of you working behind the scenes: You guys are amazing, most times I had no idea how you did it.You all know who you are 🥋🤺❤️
I hope you all have an amazing day. I want all of you readying to know that I love you lots💯💯 Sending love from Germany, I'll be back soon😜🙌🏻

What's my secret to staying chill?☃️ The new Creamy McFreeze from @mcdo_ph !! My favorite flavour is Frozen Coca Cola😍 What's yours?

It's the most amazing feeling to be part of the #McDonalds family🙏🏼 I remember going with my friends to eat there back in Germany and now to be part of it... what a blessing🍔❤️ Thank you to @mcdo_ph for giving us this opputunity and trusting Maymay and I!! -
I giant thanks to @ryanveloria25👕👖and @jaybherrera for styling me on that hot day 🔥☀️

Want to know how to stay ❄️cool❄️ this summer?☀️🏝 Find out tomorrow - It's something special 😏

I still can't believe you fell for that prank😂❤️ And no, I will never change🤷🏼‍♀️ Love you Sister @lauraanika
Credit📸 - @1ferrah.ree

📸Love all these pictures 📸
Hey Guys, I just want to know: What's your best knock knock joke?🕶 Comment down below

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