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Edwin Lou  daddy senpai 🐢✌


if i had a smoky eye I'd be in a kpop boy group

I need a 72 hour nap 😴

soft babadook 🎩 (p.s. I uploaded a new vid)

happy easter y'all 🐰 I've been blessed by two new breakouts on my forehead from eating too much chocolate

I love this movie so much ☁ I watched it again for the 2nd time and forgot to blink my eyes were burning lmao

in the unedited footage of my latest video I was coughing like every 2 minutes cause of my flu... I think I went slightly deaf editing the vid cause they're be a scary jump in volume every time I coughed some chunks up 🀧😷

@visitivity says I look like those chinese characters in period dramas that can fly πŸ‘²

have you guys watched the new season of Attack on Titan yet??? rip the snif man :-(

have you guys seen the trailer for the new deathnote remake? it made my flu even worse lol πŸ’€ tbh I never actually finished reading the manga or watching the anime

henlo I'm not dead πŸ‘» I've been sick for almost 2 weeks I think I caught the flu or something but I'm slowly getting better! all I've been doing is watching vine compilations on youtube

my oily skin is what keeps me looking young dewy lol

rich people be having sparkling mineral water and hot towels laying around for their guests and I'm like here's a plastic cup from when I was five... fill it with tap water πŸ’§

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