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EDULIS RESTAURANT  #5 Best Restaurant in Canada (Canada's 100 Best 2017) https://www.laliste.com/en/laliste/CA http://www.theworlds50best.com/discovery/Edulis.html


Bookings open tomorrow for our yearly series of holiday feasts! Reservations by telephone only at 416.703.4222.

New addition to our plate collection - from our beloved Bernardaud. Oh, and Celeriac Sheets filled with Brioche Puree, Pine Nut, and Istrian White Truffle.

When you call your favourite mushroom supplier hoping they've found some fresh porcini...and they send you the biggest porcini you have seen in your life. 4 lbs. You know they get what makes you tick. #truelove #ponderosajoe

Such a privilege to have a chance to cook with forest royalty for a special private dinner tonight. This wild woodcock is a dream of ours to prepare - only one of the courses on the menu tonight.

We are looking for people to join our little family here at Edulis. Email us if you are interested! info@edulisrestaurant.com

Ok so the next temple of rice in Alicante we were so grateful to visit was Paco Gandia in the tiny town of Pinoso. Also a flawless experience. What distinguishes this excellent restaurant - the Chef Josefa introduces the woodsmoke flavour more aggressively into the rice. And obviously look at her - we were instantly in love with everything about this restaurant. Truly a remarkable experience - the cuisson of the snails and rabbit absolutely perfect. No way to improve on this. An artist at the height of her métier. Photos also include local marcona almonds with the most outstanding Mojama (salted cured tuna- an exquisite Spanish delicacy), Josefa tending her fire. Just great. Hopefully the universe brings us back here one day!

The whole reason for this trip to Spain was to experience rice prepared by the best hands. We visited the two most revered rice restaurants in the country in Alicante. Stripped to its most essential ingredients - the quality of the rice, the simplicity and excellence of the garnish, the quality of the saffron, wood fire, and the skill of the chef. We found it. Many people don't know what a true paella is like - this dish outside of this region and outside of Spain rarely resembles the original. Paella never has more than a very simple garnish, always seasonal, and certainly NEVER a heap of mussels/chicken/sausage/etc. In this region rice is garnished with rabbit and snails. The rice at Elias was everything we have dreamt of. Texture, flavour, crunchy, soccarat, phenomenal. Elias was an amazing restaurant tucked deep into the Alicante countryside, packed full every lunch, with a level of service and elegance that was a marvel. Photos also include local marcona almonds, lamb sweetbreads with wild asparagus and young garlic, and another exquisite local dish called "gachamigas" a soft savoury bread made with garlic, water, flour and olive oil. Final picture is the wood fire where the rice is cooked - a pot in the middle to saute the rabbit to order while the rice is cooking. Excellent. Best pilgrimage ever.

This trip to Spain is about rice. We wanted to experience rice at the heart of where it is grown here, and also the different traditional preparations from the hands of masters. This portion of the trip begins in the mythical Ebro Delta - at once wildlife preserve and pilgrimage for birdwatchers, and one of the most important rice growing regions in Spain. Somehow we arrived on one of the last major harvest days - extraordinary to witness. Such a unique landscape - flat flat flat, absolutely thick with avian life. Our first rice of the zone was with duck, octopus, and eel. Eel is a major staple in this area. Also a major salt production zone - last photo is from the salt flats (giant mounds of white salt in the distance)

Amazing lunch on our way to the Ebro Delta in San Carles de Rapita at Casa Asmundo. We always love restaurants with verbal menus only - the best sign that a restaurant is only working with the best product available. One of the best things in season here in early fall is squids. So of course, Chipirones (baby squids) to start, followed by a traditional Catalan Suquet. This is a fish stew made with various types of whole fish and soffritto - sauce is only its own juices. These are the moments that exemplify the excellence of cuisine in Spain - tasting the skill and history of generations of cooks that have been learning these time honoured techniques. All the right steps done the right way with the best product. With confidence. And this can only come with experience.

Just in love with the Priorat - craggy cliffs, impossibly breathtaking winding roads, vineyards perched everywhere, vermouth breaks at all hours of the day. Somehow every house made vermouth in any bar is always the best we have ever had. And a side trip the minuscule sleepy town of Ulldemolins because we heard of a bakery there making a pastry called Bunyols de Vent - a wonderful puff of eggy chewy sweet donut. The family has been making these for a hundred years - one of the best pastries we have ever had in Spain. Will be chasing that dragon for a long time! (Pastisseria Pepi)

We are so in love with the wines of Priorat, but the wines of Terroir al Limit are some of our favourite on earth. Found it by luck on a tiny street in a tiny town after spotting someone with a tshirt. So amazing to see it in action during the harvest. Such superb, exciting, unique wines. Prompting what we realized later was a 4 am text message to @missoben to frantically find out who is bringing them into Ontario. (#sorry) Can't wait to have more of them on our list in the future.

The most amazing lunch in the tiny village of Escaladei at El Rebost de la Cartoixa. How heavenly to start this meal with toasted bread accompanied by a tomato from the garden and a clove of garlic to make your own pan tomaquet. Local snails, raw salt cod and tomatoes, grilled rabbit on the charcoal, quails in warm vinaigrette (photo cannot do justice to how extremely delicious this all was). All washed down with earthen jugs of house wine. Best part was conversation with the owner - talking about wild snails and how hunting birds has become harder and harder with the dry summers. A gem of a woman and restaurant.

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