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our attempts at recreating an iconic 2006 moment ✨

no one puts mimi in a corner—well, except for herself ✨💛🐱

A year ago today, we were waiting in line for the Hogwarts Express, listening to Number 1 Angel by @charlixcx for the first time ever, and screaming our lungs out to Roll With iconic moment in American history 😌✨💛

both of these pictures were taken with hayden shouting “don’t move!” while he was holding his 35mm camera up to his face, so I just did my best to hold still and hope the picture looked okay

we were recreating the shirt...can’t you tell?

watch this film asap but plz read the book first :) ✨💙✨

I left homecoming night feeling like a king! :) 🖤🤠💛

not only was I crowned, but I also didn’t have to play “can’t take my eyes off of you” on a loop 84,000 times!! and I couldn’t have asked for a better queen!! thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for me!! :) 👑✨💛

happy 18th birthday ayesha!!!! 🎈 love these 3 ladies :) 💓

can’t believe I haven’t posted any pictures from this season! anyways, we’re all senioooooooooooors! ✨🖤

pancakes after the walk to end alzheimer's :) 💜

i miss this lil' pup 🐾 p.s. this is the son of the big doggo i posted about two posts ago ✨

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