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Ed Subias  Content Creator// Social Media Management // Hooligan racer #84 // Brown Bear Racing // Milwaukee

#TBT Was cleaning out my storage unit in California and found this super old photo of myself at some dirt jumps that Captain Hardcore (@briancastillo ) built back in the day 🦅 #bmx #fun

The homie @one_wheel_drew getting it earlier today.Pretty sure we Won Monday. Rode some rad fire roads and jeep trails in the SoCal hills/mountains. The @harleydavidson XG 500's we rode were a blast to slide around on and took the abuse like champs.
#SubiasPhoto #RideMotorcyclesHaveFun

Rad day in beautiful Santa Barbara for @t.r.o.g._official Street Drags ⚡️🏁
@go_takamine leading the way over @wretched_hive.
Was great to see a bunch of friends and enjoy some warm weather😊
#TROG #StreetDrags

Throwback to a million years ago. I'm the skinny kid on the BMX airing it out on some beat down dirt jumps.Right around this time I met a dude named @briancastillo and he became a good friend. Bicycles and Motorcycles have always been a constant in my life and are really the only things that always make sense to me. Some of you can relate, most probably won't. I have no point to this post other than bikes and motorcycles are rad. ✌🏽
#TwoWheelsForever #ForeverTwoWheels

Was going through an external drive today and came across some pics I snapped of the homie Tim of @gigastatt 's SUPER clean FXR build a couple years ago that is a favorite of mine.
Tim is rad.. he isn't "cool on instagram" but is the BEST in real life where it matters, a REAL friend and genuine no BS person... dude RIPS on a bike too. I have trouble keeping up with him 😜
#GoodDude #FXR #gigacyclegarage

Flew my drone for a couple minutes today at McKinley Marina before I did a little throttle twistin' 😊
#Milwaukee #IceRiding

03/03/19 2:01 PM McKinley Marina, Milwaukee, WI. Was a great day to slide around on the ice.Thanks to @milwaukeemark81 for letting me rip some laps on his KX250 🙌🏽⚡️ #Milwaukee #SubiasPhoto

Had a fantastic time this past weekend on a snowmobile ( 1st time ever 😜) riding with @teamkilkenny35 , @jj_rides , Jeremy (@flatoutfriday ) and Dave Hock. Was amazing to experience the vast trail network in the upper part of Wisconsin that connects all the towns. Wisconsin knows how to have fun 🤘🏽⚡️
Huge thanks to Mr.Hock for being the raddest host ever.

@flatoutfriday was non-stop action and entertainment as usual. The entire @mamatriedshow weekend was EPIC! I'll just post this one pic and maybe some more later. I'm going back to sleep now.😴 #SubiasPhoto #MilwaukeeRules

Willie G. Davidson taking photos of bikes at @mamatriedshow before it opens to the public 🙌🏽♥️

My fave photo I took at @flatoutfriday yesterday😜The one and only @tvdinner27 👊🏽 #SubiasPhoto