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Captain @selegosaurus 💪

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An unused "driving long-lens" angle of @edselego with the first switch trick down the DTLA triple set back in August 2001. #KennedyArchives #EdSelego Here's a little back story on this session... it was the final week(s) of filming for the Adio "One Step Beyond" video and @jeremy_wray had a few tricks he wanted to try and film on it so Adio permitted the triple set for a few hours so Jeremy could film without getting kicked out after 2 tries (which was the usual scenario). Ed joined the session and did his switch fs 180 pretty quickly. @mystaticlife and @the_breadcrumb_trail were shooting 📹 and @atibaphoto was shooting 📸's so I took a chance and filmed it from the roof of a minivan that @onefelix was driving. The shot turned out a little shaky but I've always liked it. If you look closely, you can spot @jonaswray and @prod84 hanging out on the sidewalk at the landing.

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Got a grip of good photos from that trip to Russia and the Eastern Bloc in 2005. @edselego Switch front heelflip in Moscow.

Florida Swamp Corn and Swamp Okra. Hopefully these do well. We kill it with collard greens..

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When @edselego and I first put started putting together the interactive skatepark idea, all we knew was that we had to map a wave onto a ramp. It was just an idea sitting right there and we had to get this idea out of our already strange brains. So we drug computers, cameras, projectors, cables and skateboards to our spot in Little Haiti, unleashed our custom art robot prototypes, mapped out a ramp and Ed dropped in. It worked and we were hyped. But the owl. Somehow the owl made this the most hype moment ever. That was six years ago. Now I can’t stop with these dang custom art robots. Blame the 🦉 .
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Big thanks to @bobbyboyd and friends @adidasskateboarding you guys truly know how to make phenomenal footwear🔥🔥🔥🙌👌👊

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Kenny Reed (@kennyreedo), Steve Nesser (@nesserfamilia), Ed Selego (@edselego), Boaz Aquino (@luvideomag), Benji Meyer (@benji_meyer), Kourion and Nicosia, Cyprus 2006
After a few emails back and forth, my ticket was booked and was on my way to meet up with these gentlemen in Cyprus. I don’t quite remember how exactly, but Boaz managed arrange accommodations and a an SUV for us to drive around in. Straight hustling. We spent a week going city to city, even driving over to the occupied side of the island for a quick look, and also doing a couple of demos in between.
In the second photo I have no idea why we shot this, probably because I was just messing around at the hotel. The little girl in the middle was the hotel owner’s daughter and she was pretty psyched we were staying there.

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