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There was something about that city, the gridlocked halves of stainless steel and unrequited dreams; the way the sunlight perfected everything imperfectly; the sounds that drove you mad, but now reverberate in symphony. #captionsbywriters
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In the light I see particles floating, lingering in unhurriedness before dipping into shadowed nothing. And too, your eyes reflected them, in the bright beam that traversed space and earth and atmosphere, just to warm the skin upon your face. #captionsbywriters β€”
Last of this set for now with @miss2jits. #fitness #fitspo #nike #beautiful #inspo #fashion #photography

Have you ever failed at something and thought it was the end of the world? Or at least, totally devastating? I have. Back when I was in a band, when we first started and we were young, we had a smash hit on a TV show and we're invited to play a showcase in LA for the biggest label execs in the industry. What no one told us was that we were supposed to play a short set, crush it and get off stage. Let's just say we didn't do quite that... All the record execs stood there, with their arms folded, unimpressed as is the norm in Los Angeles, and we drove the 1400 miles home in near silence, crushed and embarrassed. It felt like the end.
It wasn't.
In fact, pretty much everything I'm proud of we accomplished after that, in spite of the record industry. And now, I couldn't give a damn (to put it nicely) what any of those people think. It's easy to criticize and be culture's wisest commentator, but to create, that's something more courageous entirely. β€”
Everyone has ideas.
Few are willing to put them into action.
Fewer are willing to try again when they fail.
If you've ever failed at anything and kept going, consider yourself part of the elite. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

The intention of social media is also the problem with social media: constant input, connection and external influence. We get so used to seeing what other people are doing or creating, it becomes harder and harder to view things differently, to try alternate routes or even trust our own ideas/opinions. That's why I see so many artists/creators/photographers following trends, and so few people creating new ones. But when I do, it's unmistakeable.
That's a huge focus for me right now. Both eliminating external influence from social media and creating from a place that is unique to me. I've got some stuff coming up that I'm super excited about to help me do just that and I'll announce it soon, but until then, if you have questions on some of the best ways to do that hit me up. I've got ideas, man. I've got ideas.

Evolve, improve, elevate. (w/ @miss2jits)

It's funny how much your input directly effects your output, even subconsciously. Take this image for example. I'm a huge fan of design, product design most specifically (check out my stories for proof). I doubt I'd be a very good product designer, but as I look at this photograph, I realize that's basically what I'm trying to accomplish with my photography. The strong lines toward center and the dissection of the frame by two bold, minimal colors are elements I never get tired of. And having a badass central figure that basically floats on command helps too.

No more excuses. @sonyalpha #alphacollective

Do you ever feel like you've got so many ideas and concepts in your head it's hard to keep them straight? Sometimes it's the sheer amount of inspiration that overwhelms you, sometimes it's the fear that holds you back, and sometimes there just aren't enough damn hours in the day.
I love that feeling. It's much more exciting to be full of ideas than to be desperate for them. To those overwhelmed by inspiration, I say focus your energy on one idea at time, put a date on the calendar to crush it and move on to the next. For those held back by fear or uncertainty, don't wait for an idea to be perfect before you pursue it, it never will be; my favorite art has been created outside of my comfort zone, and I guarantee you it's worth it. To those running out of time, I say get up earlier. My father-in-law always said you'll sleep when you're dead. I can't tell you how much I agree with that.
This is one of those new ideas I shot last week inspired by the design of @nike & @beatsbydre, much more to come. See you guys bright and early. 🌝

is purely click bait. β€”
Here's the problem: So many want a huge platform and millions of followers and YouTube money and Instafame, but few want to work for it. Few want to take risks with their art. Few want to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and learn new skills. We feel entitled, as if pretty pictures equals massive engagement.
But here's the kicker: the market owes you nothing, social media owes you nothing, the internet owes you nothing. No one cares unless you make them care, unless you give them a reason to care. That's when you become an influencer.
And influencers aren't complaining about algorithms or low engagement, they're just busting their ass making good art. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm one of them, I'm just saying I'm going to keep working my ass off to make good art. Let me know if you're with me. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

When they say you can't, you say why not.

The sun, the warmth, the wind, the weekend. #happyfriday

Perhaps you longed for chaos simplified, distilled like two opposing forces, sea and land, a clash between elements the opposite, in constant aggression and retreat. #captionsbywriters

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