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Ed Droste  Name's Ed. I'm in a band. We're called Grizzly Bear. I love travel almost as much as music.


Mood: excited, anxious, exhausted, thrilled, grateful, proud, nervous and hungry. Not to mention I'm about to record @colbertlateshow and I'm feeling def on edge. I always look like a dork on TV. Airs tonight though! Can't believe this album we've been working on for years comes out tomorrow and is already out in Asia and Australia zones...the response has been the best ever from fans and press! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

New awesome fans rocking the T! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

So obsessed with the new video for Mourning Sound! Hope you all are loving it! When I first saw it I told the director it breathed a new energy into the song! I'm glad she channeled that ! To see full thing link in bio! Thank you @beatricepegard !

New video starring @c_poesy_ (Harry Potter!) and directed by @beatricepegard out now! It endlessly makes me smile and hope it has the same effect for you! A word from the creator (link in bio) "But aren't present times actually dystopian?
MORNING SOUND is an ode to womens’ rights through the interplay of time, space and light. We transposed Grizzly Bear’s nostalgic song about grieving to wider relationships with society and with the world by following women from all ages and backgrounds in various environments, getting together with a little bit of magic.
MORNING SOUND’s video concept stems from Leonard Cohen’s famous quote: “Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. It is about finding freedom and keeping it by becoming and staying united.
It is a message for people who are going through hardships, who have been told that they can’t, that they are too different, that they are not good enough, that there is no more hope.
MORNING SOUND’s video also carries a message for women to know that whatever happens, they will never be alone, that there is a sister out there secretly rooting for them, and that they have power and freedom within that no one will ever be able to take away from them.
When things are tough and feel hopeless, there will always be someone out there thinking of you, fighting for you and believing in you.
Nobody, under any circumstance, will ever be able to take the power of love and unison that we all carry intrinsically."

"Today marks the first terrorist attack to occur on this president's watch, but it did not come at the hands of that one religious group he denigrates at every opportunity, and whose adherents he wants desperately to ban from entering the country. Instead, it was committed by people who have been living among us all along, quietly waiting for an opportunity that, at long last, has arrived. Hate has always existed in America. Donald Trump just made it fashionable again." (Article from GQ)

Mourning Sound video by @beatricepegard premieres tomorrow! Album out Friday !!! ❤️🎊❤️🎉❤️🎊❤️ First show in Portland Maine tomorrow as well!!! 😱

Things get cheeky in the new Mourning Sound video by @beatricepegard coming very soon 🍑 👏🏼🍑👏🏼

Today on Facebook I got one of those memory alerts (this is Ed) and it was alerting me that two years ago now I was sharing photos of Big Sur while up there writing with @cee_taylor ....it suddenly hit me in the craziest way that "painted ruins" took about 2.5 years to complete and now it only one week away from being out there in the world. It's my favorite thing we've ever made and I couldn't be more proud. If you have the money to spare and can pre order it you have no idea how much it actually still matters! Especially first week sales which all pre orders fall into. Tv shows, radio , festivals etc still look at sales #s and they can dictate the trajectory of an album! Our cheapest pre order would be a digital one which currently is only 8 bucks on iTunes (!!!) If u have the bones to spare thank you so much, if not that's totally cool too! Ultimately we want everyone to have access to it, enjoy it and hopefully give it a few spins to let itself open up and blossom. There was a ton of love put into this album and we are so grateful that we are even here on album 5! Thank you all for all the support (even just spreading the word on socials means so much!!) You all are amazing! Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️(link in bio to pre order!)

Small moment from "losing all sense" video with a mashup of @busyphilipps and @auntfreckle .....video coming soon by @ssioned

Sunday anthem

Happy Birthday to the one and only @drrossen !!! There's no musician I've ever met out there with the ideas and skills he has. Eternally grateful to get to make music with this man. Between his sly sense of humor and amazing green chili , couldn't ask for much more....know we'll be doing another 12 hour rehearsal today so it's not the most chill Birthday but I hope it's a good one regardless buddy! Long live Dan! ❤️❤️❤️ photo by the always amazing @ameliabauer

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