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Edric Alvarez  Everything I want, I really don't need..... ⬇️Help ban #deathnets off California's coast⬇️

@onetreeplanted is a big supporter of @sugarpinefoundation, plant or donate, that simple...... Maintaining the health of the planet does not belong to the politicians, nor big business, it is the business of every human being to be involved. In a society where resources are beyond plentiful and half of them go to waste, its a shame to not see more problems turning into solutions. You and I either stand by and continue to be the problem, or easily become a key role in unlocking humanities full potential. Coexistence with mother nature is the ultimate goal! #healthyplanethealthyhumans #useyourwealthforhealth #upliftthepeoplesavetheplanet

From @racingextinction - "We are racing toward extinction for so many of these iconic species, but we still have time.” ~ @paulhiltonphoto
#RacingExtinction #SaveTheLeuser #Orangutan #ConflictPalmOil #stopbuyingpalmoil

Before long, these precious lands will be stripped of their resources. When will we realize the profit of the few and the ambitions of the many, isn't worth the relentless desecration of mother earth? #dowhatsrightnotwhatseasy

Today is your day to take action! Where do you fall into the picture? Our existence and way of life means there are countless lives and Eco systems perishing every day. What are you doing to counter that fact? Don't wait 30 years from now, when it's too late! Today is your day!

A little partial eclipse #flyfishing , out here on the upper truckee. Been trying to pull this fatty out of this hole the last couple times I came out. Got two strikes #iftheflydontworkchangeit #smokeandtryagain #swingandamiss

Love these two! @jlyneva figuring out the challenges of #flyfishing in between fallen tress. Pretty sure in this pic, she got a lil trout on, and he took her line under and made sure she had to go in and untangle it. Meanwhile luna is just chillin.

Happy to be doing two things I love today, fishing and preserving nature!!! After this kick ass winter, we got plenty of water in every place available. Well now its the middle of summer and there is a small stretch of creek that is quickly drying up, and happens to be the home to a large community of #browntrout . It lies close enough to the river, so i can easily catch them and take a short walk to their new home. #catchandrelease #catchandrelocate #flyfishing #southlaketahoe

First brookie of the season. Followed by 7 more.

Creeping at #rally4rocker earlier this last spring. Still stoked on everyone who made this event happen! #thankyousnowboarding

When your net is too big.... Thanks for the inspiration @fliesforfishing #browntrout #elkhaircaddis

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