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Edmond Avetisyan  GB weightlifter (94kg) 🏋

100 kg Power snatches from blocks and triples at 220 BS. @mygym_bristol

70kg push ups x10 complete😊. Next challenge I need someone who weighs 80! Tip} finish your sessions with some press ups for that quick pump and definition; obviously select your human accordingly or just do em without one. 👍🏼😊 @thanasisbikakis @bristolbarbellclub #pushupchallenge #weightlifting #bodybuilding #gym #instagram #inspire

230kg x4 BS. 2 rep increase within a week. My last rep was horrible, completely shifted my bodyweight to the right leg to avoid awakening an old injury. Also my working sets at 70-120-160-180-200-220 ..something like that. @mygym_bristol

At my first powerlifting comp with d gang! A bit surprised how it's run so differently to Weightlifting, as each lift is completed by all the weight classes, then it's restarted with the next lift. Cons, it's too long, pros it draws a bigger crowd. Still enjoyed it tho.

200 kg snatch grip, stiff leg deadlift from deficit ! One of my favourite exercises to strengthen the back !! @bristolbarbellclub

In today's recovery session (180-100-120) I decided to review the new Weightlifting shoes, they're highly comfortable, light weight and the heel is pretty solid. The design is Eastern European inspired, inbox me if you want 1. @ibb1982 I heard you might be interested ? #mygym_bristol

Just wanted to congratulate this 1 for hitting a 100kg squat!! I said I'll give u a present if u succeed, so I was actually hoping she failed... but what can u do @amrubes #positive #repost #goals #squats

230 x2 for sets today with @saif.a79 I think I'll be avoiding these shorts from now on. @mygym_bristol #weightlifter #weightlifting #squats #goals #climb

136 snatch 166 c/j. Friday I hit a 302 total, Monday 316, Wednesday 290. The goal for next Monday will be a 325 total. Slowly raising the bar. @mygym_bristol

Planks with @ashleyjameswildgoose who weighs 105 kg. I use to do this allot post back injury, I prefer this over sit ups because it doesn't involve spinal flexion. Also ---some snatches from this week @130-35-40

When you need your gluteus muscles activated, you ask one of your bro's. Honestly, when you're under fatigue, try this it really works. A few waves at 160, on Wednesday I don't usually go above 140, but it's time to push. @bristolbarbellclub

173 kg clean and jerk. Legs are dead, too much volume last week..

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