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Ed Kashi  Photojournalist, filmmaker, educator, lecturer. Member VII Photo, NatGeo contributor, CoFounder of Talking Eyes Media and curious as ever.


A tourist pauses in the incredible Shwedogan Pagoda in #Yangon Photo by @edkashi/@viiphoto in Myanmar #onassignment #burma #photojournalism #documentary #dailylife #asia #newyorkerphotography

Good morning from #Myanmar, where I’ll be posting for the #newyorkerphoto this week while traveling through parts of this fascinating country. I am @edkashi, a member of @viiphoto based in the New York area, and I’ll be conducting a workshop with the a great group of folks, allowing the magic of #photography to open doors of perception and pathways of greater understanding. This is a time we need more of this than ever, reaching out to new people, taking the time to learn about their lives, our shared concerns and joys. In this image a spiky haired youth watches commuting boats crossing the #Yangon #River at dusk in the city of Yangon, formerly known as #Rangoon. Please stay tuned this week from what was formerly known as #Burma #onassignment #photojournalism #documentary #dailylife #asia

In honor of world hijabi day

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Two girls play in front of some old shops in the small town of Pusing, Perak state, Malaysia, about 14 km from Ipoh city. This town was marked as a “black area” by the British colonial administration during the Malayan Emergency (1948-60), infamous as it was for Communist activities around it. What was a “black area” to the British was a “red area” to the Communists. Old photographs show Pusing’s police station heavily fortified against attacks in the early 1950s with 50-gallon oil drums and coconut tree trunks, and the whole town was fenced in with barbed wire to prevent attacks by the Communists, who wanted the British to leave Malaya. ------------------ This week, I'm taking over @theiwmf’s @instagram feed.

I was awarded an IWMF Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists grant to continue work on my book project “One Day We Shall Understand”, on the 12-year war the British fought against indigenous Communists in their colony of Malaya (present-day Malaysia and Singapore) from 1948 to 1960.
My paternal grandfather ( born in Hong Kong but raised and lived in British Malaya) was part of the anti-colonial movement – eventually leading to his deportation and execution. His story is my point of departure on this search to uncover hidden histories and trauma from the period. This was an early chapter of the Cold War in Asia, but much remains poorly documented, with politically-imposed amnesia.
This week, I’ll be sharing some field notes from my third road trip starting from the Thailand-Malaysia border and going southwards, encountering landscapes and characters who were part of the 12-year war which left many repressed memories.
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I am pleased to announce the release of "Imperfectly Invisible," created in collaboration with @saraterry13 as part of her 10(X) Editions series. Sara's edit of the book is inspired by my recent blog post of the same title. "10(X) Editions is a micro press of handmade and limited edition books...meant to be the visual equivalent of a conversation with good friends around the dinner table.” For purchasing info, please visit the link in @saraterry13’s profile. #photobook #10xeditions #documentary

"Hidden Under The Indian Sun" a @talkingeyesmedia film, made by @tlaffay and I was featured on @theatlantic today. "As villages in Southeastern India grapple with this hidden disease, it has a severe impact on families and their livelihoods...'Hidden Under the Indian Sun', follows two women as they encounter this disease in their communities.” In this photo, taken during the time of filming, Laborers prepare the Marakannam salt pan fields for salt harvest near Pondicherry, India on Jan. 21, 2016. #CKD #CKDu #CKDnT #ChronicKidneyDisease #HumanRights #Epidemic #India #viiphoto

#viewfrommyroom in #detroit on a day where democracy feels under assault @viiphoto