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meeting tvd cast in 241 days  kenzie ziegler, melissa gisoni, brandon rowland, danielle cohn, abby leigh, nina cerniglia & tyler ziegler follow🌷.


hi guys it’s crystal. i think it’s time i take a break from the fandom. ive been in this fandom for 4 1/2 years now and throughout those 4 years ive only taken a 2 month break. my grades aren’t the best in school and never year im gonna be in high school so i would really like to focus on school for now. my spam is @tvd.spams. i love you all be back soon💜💜.

make sure if we’re friends follow @tvd.spams << so when i leave we can keep in touch💋.

anyone wanna play a game im bored haha

comment who you stan :))
i stan paul wesley, ian somerhalder, shane dawson, grayson dolan, cole sprouse, micheal malarkey, maddie ziegler, kenzie ziegler, kj apa💘

it annoys me how some you tubers drop out of school or finish school and don’t go to college and just use YouTube as there job. like yeah that will work for now but in 10 years youtube probably won’t be a thing anymore and once it ends they don’t have a college degree to be able to get a real job.
*ik you don’t need one but it’s better to have one*

when natayla has better style then you.. @kenzieziegler @melissagisoni

natalyas a legend @melissagisoni @kenzieziegler

she’s so in to it ahah aw @kenzieziegler @melissagisoni

i love your room kenzie 1!1! @kenzieziegler

i don’t get how all the kenzie exposing accounts have a problem with like kenzie twerking and holding up the middle finger but when normal people like me do it no one would expose me or care because im not famous so why should you do it to kenzie? he’s normal & its not her fault she’s famous. that’s nothing that should be held against her.

is it just me or is it heart breaking to realize that one day when we’re 18 all of us are gonna grow up, start our own life, leave & forget about our fanpages, eventually forget about our idols & then one day when we are 40 we’ll go through our old photos and phones and remember our idols & see our old fanpage & remember all the amazing friends and memories we all made and wish we could go back :(

#kenz2017giveaway im crystal & i would luv the makeup bag + makeup brushes💓. @kenzieziegler

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