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tutorials/ Backup Account  Account owner: .I am @__edittsss_ @_editingdisney_ @editingfrangled . Please contact me at lifeasport on kik for anything.

I am going back to @editingfrangled ... I really missed editing and I kinda hated horoscopes. I jusg wantsd to say that thats me and I'm backkkk ❀️

I am @editingfrangled . Still Cory. Just changing theme. This will be the account that takes possession of all of my edits, which will be deleted from my main page. I still own them but I do not want to edit anymore.
If you need to contact me kik me at lifesasport. I request, though, that it is just serious matters only.
I love you guys!

App: glitche
This is the weirdest app ever omg.. Some of the features, how do I put this, are trippy..? But its so cool and unique omg.. Its paid tho 😭

I'm considering turning this account into an overlay account... Thoughts?

Because people needed video proof for this edit too.. I used the ponytail from my Maka Albarn edit for this bc im too lazy to make it again πŸ˜‚
I guess this video gives out how I make rapunzel edits in some way πŸ˜‚ When I watermarked the photo I used PHONTO and for the video I used VONT. Both are free. But vont doesn't reproduce

full version.

only my lock screen...



In one week, school is starting for me and nicole. That means:
-less edits -less activity
I really have to focus on school.. I hope u all understand. Making a contest soon.


her water elsa looks pretty cool! Go follow her➑️ @frozen_edits_videos

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