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Am loving this weather but had so much to get done today it was hard to ember to stop and just soak up the sun! What a promising start to the week though - the count down to the holidays is so on!! AND booking for the book festival opens tomorrow!!!! #edinburghfestival #books #floral_splash

An unexpected treat - finished marking earlier than expected so have the afternoon off! Time to chill out, work on my #yogacrow, catch some sun and try to get my legs matching my arms! It feels like I’ve been eating hotel food for a month so it’s time to find some salad and just ground to find my feet again #yogi #yogalove #livebarefoot

It’s been a long day but we’re half way through the week! Still another couple of weeks until my next proper day off work so raising the mojitos to all the parents trying to juggle life! ❤️ @alisonsoye for the #illustration

Do you like sand? I have a real issue with it against my skin but only when it comes to brushing it off! I actually quite like when I’m intentionally there. I think is a bit like life sometimes - if something is planned and intentional then it’s all fine even if not ideal but when it’s against our control or unexpected then it can make life pretty uncomfortable! #livebarefoot #yogi #yogis #grounded #gifted #zyper #beachlife

There’s a new blog post up BTW - some musings on our last visit to Lauriston Castle. Mainly thinking about the importance to take time to just breathe and be sometimes. #littleladyss18 #littlelordandlady #aria #floral #edinburgh #scottishkids #scottishlass #iwearlll #gifted

Dinner tonight was largely home grown! Spinach, oriental leaves and radishes all from the allotment! Cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergine all going great guns in the green house. Strawberries are a mixed success - some taste ok, some well... not ok 🙈😂

I’ve been working all weekend. I’ll be working the next two weekends as well. I have some stupid cough and I feel horribly puffy after guzzling sweet lemsip all weekend. So it’s time to find some positives... has anyone got any???

Storm Hector has been blasting Edinburgh! Trees down everywhere - it’s like a fight between the elemental forces of nature. Things have been busy recently but trying to find balance - new post from @theyogacrow on the blog! #barefootliving #vivobarefoot #zyper #edinburgh #crammond #hector #scottishlife #yogi #yogalife #livebarefoot

I can’t quite believe we’re preparing for Primary 2 with this one. She’s growing so quickly it’s hard to keep up! Had a lovely adventure exploring Lauriston Castle this weekend - she’s very at home running around the grounds! For people who were asking her dress with from @littlelordlady - should can get a whopping 20% off with the code Onlyedinburgh20 😘

Today on the allotment... we were asked to take over the two very overgrown sections next to ours! Hurrah for more space and growing potential... but it took a good hour to dig out some of the crazy roots that had taken over he bed! I have enough mint for a LOT of mojitos! Party at mine?! 😂

This week on the blog I shared my feelings about having a lack of direction. I’ve been feeling restless and just seem to have lost the ability for productivity. I know I have lots to do but just struggle to focus on any of it. I’m wondering whether the solution is to have a reset and plan some new adventures. Perhaps a change of scenery would help? Do you ever feel like this?
Beautiful illustration by the awesome @alisonsoye ❤️

I’m not sure this boy has an off switch with food. Even after double dinner he’s still saying he has a ‘hungry tummy’ 😳😳😳 #boylovesfood #wagamama #wagababy

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