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Edge Entity Inc.  Specializing in treatment of thinning edges, balding scalp areas, and alopecia of all ethnicities 💕Shop & click link below 👇🏾Shipping 📦📫 worldwide! 🌍

Her short styles are about to be so pretty now 😍 After 4 months of usage of both the Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant and Edge Entity Hair Growth Vitamins.

Yaaay!! @co_bee ❤️ I can’t wait to see how much your Hair grows! Please keep us updated, and don’t forget to take pics!

So.... our customer @_this_aint_that told us that she achieved these results from using the Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant WITHOUT being consistent ! 😳 Imagine what her results would be like if she was consistent. Read her story below!
I have been using the product since March 2018 and these fantastic results are from inconsistent use. (I know unbelievable) I had tension from braids and weave from when I was younger and after I had my daughter I just notice there was nothing there:( I was really skeptical and I read the reviews and decided to try and have gotten these amazing results. I did not always clean the hair prior but I tried... I would apply at least once a day or when I could remember so I will be more aggressive with following the twice a day regimen. Hope my story inspires someone to buy I have been so insecure about my hairline. Thank you Edge Entity.

Are you ready to see some hair growth girl? You are SET! You have both the vitamins and the Follicle Stimulant! I can’t wait to see the outcome @lovethyj_ ❤️

This is how your edges look when you grow your edges back with the Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant! 😆 thank you @brittneycjarvis for showing us your progress! ❤️

Your Hair is about to be so thick girl! @allthingscannon I can’t wait to see your progress. Let us know how you like your vitamins! 😍

Customer selfies are the best! Here is the beautiful @ashleynoswiper in a curly updo 😍 Tag us in your selfies showing off your healthy hair and healthy edges! We know there are so many of you beauties out there, so tag us! ☺️

4 months using the Edge Entity Follicle Stimulant and the growth on @reasez2020 is phenomenal! 😍😍 Please read her story below. She tells us how she achieved her growth. .
The pictures on the left (red shirt) were taken 4 months before the pictures on the right (white shirt)! THE RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!! I noticed hair growth after my 1st week, but thought it was all in my head lol. I used the follicle stimulant once in the morning & once at night, & my 2 oz 1 month jar lasted over 4 months 😆 I never thought I'd be able to have my edges be full again because it's hereditary (thanks dad 🙄). I thought about asking you to keep me anonymous if you used my message,but NO WAY! Feel free to tag me!😁 I'd love to answer any questions anyone has! I wish this product had been around when I had alopecia areata in the 2nd grade & my relapse about 5 years ago, maybe I wouldn't have had to get steroid shots in my head 😫 Thank yall so much for this! I love everything about it & recommend it all the time!

Thank you @fvthym for sharing your journey with us! Fatou had damage to her hairline for 4 years, so growing her hair back was a process, but she explains her journey in this video. Follow her YouTube to see her entire testimony. Read her story below! .
I would say thank YOU because this product litteraly saved my hair. 
The first time I got it I wasn’t consistent , I was skipping days therefore, at the end of the jar I didn’t see results and got discouraged.  A year later I still had not found something to help with the hair loss so I decided to go back to your product and be consistent with it. (The hair loss was due to braids). Being consistent and taking pictures was a game changer because that’s when I started seeing results. I used it on the part where I was experiencing the damage morning and night every day. I used the got to be glued hair gel during the day so I would wash my edges at night before applying the product. My hair grew back after 2 jars(not counting the first I bought and didn’t see results with) but I kept buying it because my hair like is very fragile and I want to have this at all time lol. Plus it helps with making my hair line fuller. I can always use improvement. All in all, I got 5 jars.
Finally I am soooooooo happy you created this product because I was so insecure about my hair that I would hide it all the time with wigs. I feel much more confident and am so happy with my results. Keep up the great work 😘

Thes curls are GORGEOUS! 😍😍 Thank you @brittneycjarvis for growing your edges back with us ❤️

Thank you @bmobossin for sharing your growth with us! Read how he achieved his growth below! .
I've been using this product since July of last year and it has worked great.  You have a lifetime customer for sure. I apply the product once a day.  I apply only at the front part of my hair because thats the only part that is really thining.  I skipped a few days but not too many.  I apply the cream when im fresh out the shower.  I used the cream and never tried the vitamins as of yet.

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