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Edge Entity Inc.  Specializing in treatment of thinning edges, balding scalp areas, and alopecia of all ethnicities 💕Shop & click link below 👇🏾Shipping 📦📫 worldwide! 🌍

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The process y'all. it's been 11 weeks y'all n I'm just gon sit this here and yes I have missed a day or 2 or 3 but It works, can't tell me nothing. 😎😎😎😎 the top left pic is this a.m. They have a FB n IG page. @edge.entity 👌🏽

Who doesn't like a freebie? So many of you are consistent with your hair treatment. And I think you should be rewarded for that. So Edge Entity has a nonstop giveaway! Send in your pictures of your progress to our email address edgeentitygiveaway@gmail.com! If your pictures are posted, you win a FREE 1 month supply of Edge Entity!

Are you guys ready to shop with us in person? Comment “YES!” if you’re near Memphis! We have some great deals for grand opening! We can’t wait to meet everyone!

Found right here in Walmart! For an affordable price! ☺️ Apple cider vinegar is a great cleansing agent to deep clean those pores and remove the bacteria from your scalp! 🍎 •

Here is a home remedy that is EXCELLENT for obtaining a CLEANER scalp! Something very important when treating and growing your hair! Your hair needs a fresh, clean, foundation to grow and build on. 🍎

Apple cider vinegar stimulates your hair follicles, helps to clean clogged pores and follicles, and prevents dandruff. Dandruff and flaking of the scalp are often caused by bacteria that clogs the hair follicles. Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar may help to kill the bacteria, leaving your scalp clean and healthy, and giving your hair extra shine. •

Researchers recommend pouring full-strength apple cider vinegar on your scalp (but most of us dilute), then wrapping your hair with a towel before shampooing to help clarify your scalp and keep your follicles clean. This remedy can be used on an as-needed basis until the condition of your scalp improves.

Visit our website EdgeEntity.com and click the link "How to Clean my Hair" for a complete list of shampoos we recommend and more information on how to keep your scalp squeaky clean to help your hair grow!

progress on @mizzbradshaw who began her journey with us, and saw some growth, but decided to give us some insight on how far she's come since her first update! ❤ •

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Trust the process! After having hair loss due to a condition called trichotillomania, this gorgeous customer’s Edge have been revived 💕 read her story below! •

I got your product a couple of months ago and had to share my hair progress!! I had a bad salon flat ironing experience and developed trichotillomania (hair pulling out disorder), when I was in elementary school. I've been struggling with my edges since then and basically have up on ever growing them because it had been bald for so long. Perming my hair in high school gave me more confidence, but I was still embarrassed to do styles that showed my edges. I went on a limb and tried this product which absolutely changed my life. I've been using edge entity for 2 months now and I'm thankful that I can finally catch up my edges in braids. Thank you edge entity for all that you have done, I look forward to being a lifetime customer.

#ThinEdges #GrowYourHair #GrowYourEdges #HealthyHair #NaturalHair #HairGoals #HairGrowth #GrowMyEdges #GrowMyHair #EdgesOnFleek #EdgeEntityGrowsMyHair #naturalhairgoals

A lot of people have questions about cleaning their hair and clarifying shampoos. We STRESS the importance of how a clean scalp and a healthy foundation promotes hair growth. Here is a few examples of clarifying shampoos that help get your scalp squeaky clean, ridding your pores of buildup such as gels, dirt, oils, etc. I like these! If there are any others that you recommend, put it here in the comments! We'd like to know! 👇🏾

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This was my first time using @edge.entity follicle stimulant. I applied a small amount on my fingertips and massaged it into my scalp and then styled my hair. Add @edge.entity and Purchase your growth stimulant today 🌻 •

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Gorgeoussss 😍😍 these edges did not come to play. Thank you @sweet_facebrit for letting us restore your edges.

Edge growth dreams 😍😍 and there’s so much more growth to come. Read below for our customer’s full testimony. •

Thank you so much for providing me with this wonderful product! You never know who to trust when it comes to social media and promoting. I seen so many people prospering from this product so I decided to try it and I was so happy and in shock how well it worked! I bought some for my mom as well and she is enjoying it as much as I am. Thank you again for this wonderful product! Attached is my 3 month progress.

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This was my first time using @edge.entity follicle stimulant. I applied a small amount on my fingertips and massaged it into my scalp and then styled my hair. Add @edge.entity and Purchase your growth stimulant today 🌻 •

🎵- @ddlovato Sorry Not Sorry remix

Finally a shipping company with customer service that matches our level of customer service! Our customers were looking for better shipping options, and we’ve searched long and hard to find the best company with the best prices for you guys! We’re happy to say that we are no longer shipping with USPS, and now shipping nationwide and internationally with FedEx! More reliability, better rates, quality customer service! Get ready for a better shipping experience 💚💜

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