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E. Dewey Smith, Jr.  Faith Leader, Media/Music Producer, Lover of People & Laughter ATL/Beverly Hills/New York


RIP BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @theshawnjones85
#ShawnJones #RIH

Man...... @tweet_ JUST re-posted this, on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Listen to these words....... ".... my body sometimes it gets all racking with pain but I hope all of my works won't be in vain! I've got a few more rocks & reels but oh one day I'm gonna make it inside of the hill. I've gone too far to turn around"!
PROPHETIC!! Rest Well Preacher! 32 Years Old!!! @theshawnjones85 #RIP #RIH #ShawnJones

SMH..... ONLY 32 YEARS OLD!!! This is absolutely HEARTBREAKING!!!! Bishop Kenneth Robinson & I were JUST talking about Pastor @theshawnjones85.......
WHAT A GIFT!!!! Praying for his wife, kids, family & church family!!!!
#RIP #RIH #ShawnJones

WOW!!!! God has kept @hohatl for 141 years!!!
Just think about it, this ministry started 11 years after the end of the Civil War in a "rest house" that was used for "travelers" or Confederate soldiers! Here we are 141 years later & God is STILL blessing & keeping us!! I'm amazed to stand on the shoulders of INCREDIBLE past Pastors, Leaders & Congregants who are now with the Lord! So many #HeadSwimmingBlessings have occurred over the past 14 years! From a few hundred to multiple thousands, we can truly say, GOD IS STILL ADDING TO THE CHURCH!!!!!!
#ToGodBeTheGlory. #HOHA141

HAPPY 141st Anniversary to @hohatl!!!!!! Each Generation should wear the following color on tomorrow: BUILDERS (born 1945 & prior)--black, BOOMERS (born 1946-1965)--brown, BUSTERS (born 1966-1983)--gray, BRIDGERS (born 1984-2003)--red, BLOSSOMS (born 2004-present)---blue!!!!
LET'S CELEBRATE!!! Send your church Anniversary testimonies, pics & love to the @hohatl social media mediums, use the hashtag #HOHA141.

HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY to all the Good Bruhz of #OmegaPsiPhi Fraternity!!!!!!

HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY to the Men of #OmegaPsiPhi Fraternity!!!! #QuePsiPhi #TilTheDayIDie #HappyFoundersDay

Join Dr @edeweysmith for Bible Study TONIGHT at the @hohatl, 7pm!

Many people desire to "improve" themselves physically. One of my favorite Former professional baseball players, Sammy Sosa, has really changed physically recently.....
Is it appropriate to criticize what someone does with their own skin? Just a sincere question from my musings..... #SammySosa

Meet Dr @edeweysmith TONIGHT at @hohmacon for Bible Study, 7pm.

Meet me TONIGHT at @hohmacon for Bible Study!!!

Merry Christmas......

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