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If you love podcasts like I do, Then you'll do yourself a favor and subscribe to this wonderful women and her new podcast "The Soul Frequency Show". @shana.ekedal is the truth ya'll. If you're looking for more, Seeking a higher existence, then this is for you. There MAY be an episode with yours truly as a guest 😜 SUBSCRIBE. YOU'RE WELCOME. #shanaekedal #soulfrequency #energy #healing #bestlife #highfrequencyliving

Dos Divas. Tomorrow night. My former students @sarahannee17 and @elle_baez are making their debut @54below LATINAS unite! I will be joining them for a number. I'm so proud and excited. Come support the next generation of talent! https://54below.com/events/dos-divas/

Only things good about waking up not 💯%? JONI THE LOVE UNICORN! She makes sleeping in with yucky sick feelings feel better! #imalmost40butilovemystuffedanimals #joni #love #unicorns🦄

My brothers and sisters. We are with you. We love you. You are not a burden. Stand in your truth and your power. I am saddened, but not defeated. You are not alone. #thismanispoison #notafan #humanrightsforall

Joni Mitchell // "The most important thing is to write in your own blood. I bare intimate feelings because people should know how other people feel." @repost #lifequotes #wisdom #everydayliving #bareyoursoul

I am beyond excited to be a guest this week on @shana.ekedal BE WELL LIVE. Join us in our discussion about fear and the work I've done with Shana to help overcome that beast. This Wed. 5pm PST on Facebook. The link is on the pic! #shanaekedal #bewelllive #fear #specialguest #conqueringfear

Here I am with the one and only @drtessmauricio at @mbeautyclinic. This was my one week check up after I did the time machine treatment at her clinic. I feel so great that I found a dermatologist who is willing to work long term with me on a good skin care regimen, who is discerning in her advice and not going to recommend procedures I don't need, and is an advocate for a natural look and approach. I have NEVER taken a no make up picture before but feel confident doing so after working with Dr. Tess. I want to start conversations and remove shame about skin care, aging, and maintenance. Stay tuned to my FB page for videos with Dr. Tess, and the ongoing progress of the time machine treatment I had on my face and neck. #americasfavoritedermatologist #mbeauty #timemachine #benjimanbutton #skincareroutine #drtessmauricio

2 more day until we are back from break!!!! New episodes start on Sunday!! #Repost @tangledseriestv (@get_repost)
2 days away. We're ready for new episodes! #TangledTheSeries #cassandra

Still feeling and recovering from yesterday. What an incredibly humbling, uplifting day. Thank you @disneyd23 for having @tangledseriestv cast and crew be a part of your panels. It was so amazing to all be in the same room at the same time. @mandymooremm @zacharylevi @chrissonnenburg @jeremymjordan #tangledtheseries #cassandra #varian #rapunzel #eugenefitzherbert #pascal #familytalk #disneymagic

@disneyd23 this weekend. So excited for @tangledseriestv panel. Tomorrow at 10:30. Today catch @johncoulterdesigns and his beautiful art. Also my amazing sister @tomasinaabate is rocking the house with her band today and tomorrow. Don't miss the amazing event I'm honored to be a part of. #disneygirl #cassandra #tangledtheseries #artist #tomasina

Absolutely thrilled to be cast in this production. This audition was one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences of my life. Can't wait to create with Maria Friedman and this amazing cast. Check another dream off the list. SONDHEIM ✔️ #merrilywerollalong #maryflynn #sondheim #boston #huntingtontheater #dreams #nextadventure

Southern California! @shobean and I are thrilled to announce our first masterclass teaching together. Email on the flyer for more details. Come and share your talent and energy with us. #masterclass #losangeles #firststopofmany

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