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Eden Bernstein  Jewban 🔯🇨🇺 Digital Marketing Consultant 💻 Com Studies Grad 📚 Class of 2020 Boyd Law ⚖️ Traveler 🌎GirlfriendBFFSisterDaughter💏👯👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Bienvenidos a Miami!!! I've been dying to eat at Versailles since Jon Favreau ate here in Chef. Don't tell my Mima but it was by far the best Cuban food I've ever had. Thank goodness my spell of dry tres leches has officially been broken!! 🍰

We didn't make it out to the races this weekend but it was even nicer to walk around the Del Mar track without a soul in sight. I grew up here so the smell of ocean and horses is one of the most nostalgic in the world for me. 😍🐴 #complete

I made a lifeguard save me from the riptide today so that I could finally realize my lifelong dream of riding in an inflatable rescue boat!!

Me and my baby sis eating the same ice cream flavors from the same ice cream shack that we've been going to our whole lives. 🤗 #heaven

Aaaahhhhh we ROFL'd so hard at Bill Maher tonight! It felt so good to take a break from stressing over CNN alerts and have a good laugh with our tree-hugging liberal brothers and sisters.

Chose an outfit with some space for tonight's miso cod consumption ya feel meeee???😋

The perfect night of book club (The Handmaid's Tale) at @thewritersblocklv and some Luv It with my two favorite ladies!!

Discovered a hidden gem about an hour and a half out of Vegas today! I know where we're going to be spending our weekends from now on!😃


The very first Las Vegas ReLeaf recreational customer!!! For years I've watched my dad and the rest of the dispensary team work so hard to make this a reality. It's a great day to be a Las Vegan!

Having such a gorgeous ride home today, feeling so plugged in. ❤

Thankfully the Brianhead fire didn't make it to us. It was pretty smoky but still breathtaking this morning. I learned that forest fires are a natural and necessary part of the ecosystem. When a fire turns dead trees and decaying plant matter to ashes, nutrients return to the soil instead of remaining captive in old vegetation.

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