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Eden Ang 翁于腾  I like massages, bubble tea, and anything peach.


Part 2)

Thank you to the people and brands who have stood by me throughout this episode. And thank you to my fellow believers and support from all religious groups for your prayers.
Keep Rockin' God Bless*

Part 1)

The past 48 hours have been trying, but have also been a huge learning point for me.
Following the hurtful and false allegations, I've received messages of support from many, but also abusive comments and even death threats from a lot of other people – and it has been hurtful to me and my loved-ones.

My initial reaction was to leave this to the authorities, and have faith in the facts prevailing. I still believe in this approach, but it has also been pointed out to me that my silence could be misconstrued, especially in a sea of mixed emotions, misinformation and selected excerpts of conversations aimed at vilifying me. As such, I wanted to share my reflections as well as the facts.
I did not take advantage of anyone. I recognize that incidents like these often play out in a "he said she said" situation, but my conscience is clear and I have the records to support this. Some have pointed out that I should publicly share details to prove my position. However, I will not be sharing any further details on identity or communications out of respect for everyone's privacy. Any further discussions can be through the authorities.
As previously mentioned I have filed a report with the police and will cooperate fully as I trust in my country's authorities. I am also in the midst of seeking legal counsel against parties who continue to intentionally aggravate and hurt me and my loved ones with these malicious accusations.
I know that being in the public eye brings scrutiny and unwanted attention at times from naysayers and competitors. This is part and parcel of this profession. I also acknowledge that I am nowhere close to being perfect, but I will continue my efforts to conduct myself in a way that I can be proud of, and that people can look to.

Sexual harassment (or any form of harassment) is a serious matter. If you or anyone you know is going through it please speak up and seek help through the proper channels and authorities.

I wanted to set the record straight with this post, which will be my final post on this matter. Right now, I will continue to focus on my craft and continue to produce quality work.

Thank you to all my family, friends, and fans who have notified me about the recent malicious allegations regarding me on Facebook. I am aware of this and I have made a police report. As always I put full faith and trust in the Singapore Police Force and the Singaporean legal system. I am fully cooperating with the authorities on the investigation of this case. Thank you to those who continue to support me and I pray these allegations come to past quickly.

Eden Ang 翁于腾 X Tay Kexin 郑可心 @kextay [You Say You Know Me 你說你懂我] (Link In Bio ☝️) 🎶

Eden Ang 翁于腾 X Tay Kexin 郑可心 @kextay [You Say You Know Me 你說你懂我] (Link In Bio ☝️) 🎶

Enter Dimensions


Learning New Tricks from @dj_itch_singapore 😁🙏🏻 180 Bar-Spin. Love all street art & culture. #WhereWeBegan

I rarely get to enjoy BTS moments. I wish I Could bring you all back stage to witness what goes on and join the process. Thanks @leoteomx for the BTS shots.

Say Cheese

Join Me? ❤ 21st Jan 2018 @runforhopesg www.RunForHope.sg Key In - EB011RFH for a discount of $5. See ya there! 📍Singapore Sports Hub

(LINK BIO☝🏼) All adventures must come to an end. D Stands For Decoy (Episode 5) | Eden Ang - ❤🔫🥀 #DStandsForDecoy

(LINK BIO☝🏼) All adventures must come to an end. D Stands For Decoy (Episode 5) | Eden Ang - ❤🔫🥀 #DStandsForDecoy

YELL OUT FOR YELLOW! @downtowngallerysg is having its Yellow Bash! It is the official celebration, their offical opening next weekend. Look out for special treats like exclusive dishes at participation F&B outlets, performances by local music acts like Gentle Bones and Shigga Shay, shopping specials, and many more!

GIVEAWAYS! (5 pairs of tickets to Yellow Bash happening 26th January. For a chance to win:

1) Follow @Eden_Ang and @downtowngallerysg

2) Tag a friend you'd like to bring along.

Winners will be anounced on the 24th Jan

#DTGYellowBash #downtowngallerysg

Yo You! YES YOU! You did crap for your exams didn't you? Well I've failed too!Failing isn't cool but hey success is. I've seen my parents cry over my lousy grades, I've ran away from home. Heck! But I've never once let my grades define who I am. In life there are so many adventures, so many doors to open, so many posibilities. You WILL fail, at school, at work, in life. But success is in the ability to look forward. One day, you'll be giggling looking back at your lousy grades. But that is IF you get UP and LEVEL UP! Get up NOW! F the F and run to success! Success is waiting for you. (Congratulations to all who did do well too. Let me know what success means to you 😁)

Getting Accepted Into College/University 🤣

I Feel So Much Love! Haha So a good buddy of mine bought me this for Christmas. Now if you've ever seem me play computer games, you'd know I suuuuuuuuuuuck sooooooooooo bad. When I play online I last about 10sec. I'm literally a walking target. Let's face it, I'm just horrible at gaming. But guess what, people online LOVE ME! It got me thinking, it's so easy to be loved when you're not a threat. No one hates on you, no one criticizes you. All the good players are accused of being bots and being hackers. I'm like the fav person of every game. But is the favouritism of man what we really want in this life? Or should we swim against the current boldly, brave the hate, and defy boudaries. With that thought I closed the game and turned on the game I'm best at... Premier Pro. Ready Aim FIRE!

The Cheeky Uncle Got Me! #WellPlayed

If you haven't seen this, you MUST! Bring a loved one, bring a partner, bring pet, bring ALL! If you wanna know what showbiz is like. Watch this! You know 七転び八起き? Well entertainment is fall down 7 times, get up 8 only to hear you never truly fell and have wished more downfall upon you. After which be hated about the way you stood up and that you faked your revival. Haha! The most beauty you shall see is the love the ones who stood by you showed. "The Noblest Art Is That Of Making People Happy"

What do I do with this Rose now? When a shoot wraps, what was treasure now gets destroyed and all that is left is on film. Do we as actors feel the same?

Riccarton High School Love 🇳🇿 NZ Baby!

Eden X @grab_sg Who I roll with. 😎

(LINK IN BIO☝🏼) Breaking The Boundaries For FILM! D Stands For Decoy (Episode 4) | Eden Ang - 🚘🚔 #DStandsForDecoy

(LINK IN BIO☝🏼) Breaking The Boundaries For FILM! D Stands For Decoy (Episode 4) | Eden Ang - 🚘🚔 #DStandsForDecoy

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