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Eddy Khoo  Singapore Peranakan ❤️ ✈️🚂⛵️ 🍴

Ayam Cili Berserai (Spicy Lemongrass Chicken). Found this gem of a recipe in a Baba/Nyonya Recipe Sharing FB group. Not sure of it’s Peranakan origins but this one is a real keeper. The rempah (spice paste) itself doesn’t appear remarkable but the liberal use of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves makes this dish so delicious. Our kitchen had the perfume smell of lemongrass the whole day ! Have a great weekend friends !

Peranakan Babi Tohay (Nyonya Pork Belly In Fermented Brandy Plankton Shrimp). This is a rare Baba dish and requires the tohay to be prepared at least one week in advance. The tohay is made of grago (tiny plankton shrimp) which is fermented with red yeast rice and brandy which gives this dish a vibrant red hue. Crushed kaffir lime leaves with fried sliced lemongrass, shallots and garlic is then added to impart a refreshing and citrus fragrance. This dish is very strong tasting and intensely aromatic. My kitchen smelt for 2 days after cooking this haha.

Peranakan Udang Masak Nanas (Nyonya Prawns in Spicy Pineapple Soup). A great tasting soup using fresh pineapple and a simple spice paste of candlenuts, galangal, chilies and shallots. What made is really fragrant was the lemongrass and fresh turmeric leaves used. It really made the difference ! This is a classic Nyonya soup with the perfect balance of sour, sweet and saltiness. I added a touch of coconut milk to give it a slight creaminess. Happy weekend friends !!

Peranakan Rendang Daging (Nyonya Dry Beef Curry) & Peranakan Achar (Nyonya Spicy Pickled Vegetables). Two of my my most favourite pairings but also one of the most tedious to make haha.
It is no surprise that CNN readers voted Beef Rendang as the world’s No 1 best food. Slow cooked with a spice paste of chilies, ginger, lemongrass, galangal and shrimp paste, it is simmered in coconut milk for 3 hrs until it is thick and oily. To give it an even richer flavor, pounded serondeng (spicy fried coconut flakes) is added in. It may not look like much, but it is beef heaven !

Achar is often unappreciated but to me it’s essential for a complete Peranakan meal. And not many people realise it takes about 4 days to make ! Hand sliced vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, shallots, garlic and chilies) are sun dried over several days and then mixed in a spicy rempah paste of chilies, shallots, garlic and coconut milk. Then roasted peanuts and sesame seeds are added to the mix. It’s hard work and totally different from any store bought. In fact I’m quite proud that even after four weeks, my acar still has that “crunch” haha 😆

Peranakan Babi Pongteh (Nyonya Fermented Soyabean & Garlic Pork Stew). A classic Peranakan dish that I always enjoy making for its simplicity and taste. Key to making this is the semi finely pounded garlic and shallots & light brown taucheo which is gently fried until wonderfully aromatic. I used the classic bamboo shoots and Chinese mushrooms with pork belly. For something different, black fungus was added and it turned out delicious with all that sauce. Happy week ahead friends !

Peranakan Babi Buah Keluak (Nyonya Spicy Pork with Indonesian Black Nuts). This is THE quintessential Peranakan dish that Nyonyas are famous for. However instead of using a mix of chicken and pork ribs, I opted to use a whole pork knuckle to braise this time. I also did not restuff back the buah keluak paste into the shells and just simmered it together with the rempah. This is also one rempah spice paste which I absolutely insist on hand pounding using a traditional pestle and mortar. Somehow the infusion of candlenuts, galangal, lemon grass, turmeric and shrimp paste works best this way. The only thing I would have done better next time is to simmer the pork knuckle longer than 2.5 hrs so that the fats and pork oil would make the gravy tastier haha. Happy weekend friends !

Life’s simple pleasures. Watching the sunset with @jetkjess

Our morning breakfast of Bak Kut Teh. This Kluang version is like a cross between Singapore and KL. I'm not an expert of course but it has the slight white pepper taste of SG while having the herbal tastes of the KL version. Quite good overall 😋

Hmmm..ok I must confess we're a bit disappointed 😔 the meat had no charred bits, was a bit tough and lacked any spice flavour. What is worse the satay sauce was watery and completely bland. Oh well ! Lucky the other food at this 'restaurant' food court like the KL Hokkien bee hoon & Hakka style deep fried pork belly in fermented red bean curd were excellent !! 😋

Of course we ordered their signature pork satay plus chicken & lamb...had to wait for a while though as it was so crowded. At 80sen per stick, the price was definitely attractive 😊

We read about the Ah Fu Satay here and wanted to give it a try. They open at 6pm but when we came at 6.30pm, all the tables were already full and people were already eating ! The food must be good...

Our afternoon coffee break at Kluang's most famous coffee place. In our previous trips, we have been to the original location and now they've opened two new branches with extensive menus. While nice and certainly more comfortable, we prefer the rustic charm of the original right next to the railway 🚂 track.

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