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My fav post workout snack whilst on keto! The beauty of keto is the ridiculous flexibility you have on a day to day basis. It's something that has worked for me for years and I look forward to continuing it for the better part of the year. I do cheat every week (hard lol) but that's the beauty of it... Down about 14lbs with no cardio yet. Next week that changes but so far so damn good #keto #intermittentfasting #texasmuscle

Another awesome online client success story!!!! 32lbs gone and looking amazing. Your transformation has been amazing and in damn proud of you

Another online client that lost 10lbs through the holidays!!! Let's keep this going

About a month in, 10lbs down and a ton of inches lost!!! Awesome job my friend, 4 c sections hasn't stopped you from toning your midsection and progressing through the holidays. Let's keep this going!!!!

Back at the lab getting my girls rdy for this season! Bring it on 2018..... #teampowertrip is rdy

There is usually a "see translation" button when someone comments in a different language.... I didn't have that luck this time lol. Seriously I feel dumber for having to try to comprehend what this trash was trying to say

My keto meals yesterday!
Meal 1 and 4 - Bullet proof coffee with 1 scoop keto meal protein, 1 Tbsp unsalted butter and q teaspoon MCT oil
Meal 2 (snack post workout) - Quest bar
Meal 3 - 16oz ribeye with grilled onions
Meal 5 - 4 whole eggs with 4 strips of bacon with chesse
#keto #ketogains #fitness #fitspo #texasmuscle

Believe me when I say I'm like big brother to my team! Every so often there is a person who is so unhappy with their lives that they decide to ridicule my teams progress pics. Again I watch my page like a hawk and will put your unhappy self on blast (cause honestly I feel sorry for you but can't help to tell ya how I feel)

One of my fav recipes!!! Breakfast (or dinner) tacos. Meal plans don't have to be boring to be ridiculously effective #writethatdown #iifymgirls #iifym #diet #hiit #tabata #fitness

Another awesome #transformationtuesday . 2 weeks and 11lbs down!!!! This is just the start homie let's keep it up #TransformationTuesday #diet #iifymgirls #macros #strength

Here's a fun #transformationtuesday.... 8lbs gone and more important and impressively are the amount of inches lost through the holidays! I'm proud of ya homie let's Keep this up #proudcoach #onlinetrainer #beforeandafter #transformationtuesday

Seth had his 1 year shots today and is top 95% in height and weight (26.5lbs and 33in long) and top 100% in cuteness

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